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    Cell phone family plans across canada

    I just migrated my bell account to a CF corporate account.  Unlimited Canada calling anytime Unlimited text, video and picture messaging Voicemail, call display, 3 way 3gb shareable data $60/month Normal price is $90
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    Ontario to recognize military driver’s permits for equivalence

    I doubt you will ever be exempt having a provincial drivers license.  It is a form of taxation.
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    Imposed restriction and 30 days notice

    Can anyone provide a reference for the 30 day clause that would be useful in convincing a perspective landlord?
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    Posting Policy-Restricted (IR) & Prohibited moves [MERGED]

    Just wondering what those administering IR are using as a reference.  I am looking at a one bedroom plus den.  The den has French doors, no window or closet.  I would use it for a work study area, not a bedroom.
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    Posting Policy-Restricted (IR) & Prohibited moves [MERGED]

    Does anyone know what defines a bedroom within current IR policy?  I would expect that a second bedroom made into a study might be a stretch but an advertised I bedroom plus den might sound more reasonable.  Are there any factors such as windows, closets or square footage that would distinguish...
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    I have completed the One Year Defence and Security Certificate and several courses towards the Military Arts and Science Diploma (DMaSc).  The DMasc was built around the OPME program and so alot of the courses are not being run or are rarely run.  Has anyone heard of any recent developments in...
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    Question about leave

    This is clearly a chain of command question.  I would figure out how much time you really need and approach your supervisor with your intent and see if there is a reasonable solution. 
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    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    How does Revenue Canada get through all those tax returns and still manage to get my return back to me in less than 3 weeks. 
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    Potential Education Reimbursement Funding Restriction FY 13/14

    Just a bump to see if there has been an update.  RMC summer registration is until 15 April.  It is getting down to the wire.
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    Getting married during training

    Boxing Day is a great idea.  Our anniversary is in May and my wife's birthday is in October.  I am usually in the field for one or both every year.  At least we are almost always home for Boxing Day.
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    See a recruiter! 
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    27 Aug 12: LGEN Thomas Lawson named C.D.S.

    Does anyone know how old Gen Lawson is?
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    A Few Questions

    While a GED is universally recognized as an equivalency, when side by side the High School Diploma will be the superior of the two. Just remember when you apply you will be in competition with other applicants based on several factors, one being level of education.
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    Future of the OPME program/Everything you ever wanted to know about OPME

    Good for you, best of luck. What did you get? I applied for the civics and the technology. Still waiting.
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    Future of the OPME program/Everything you ever wanted to know about OPME

    Has the next round of  denial letters started yet?