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    Apple Vs. PC at RMC

    Okay.. so should I even bother getting my own computer for RMC? Is it merely just convenience to have your own? Personally I dont mind trying to get me parents to get me one--if I'm actually going to use it and it would be a good investment.. A little off topic: DVessey, I need you help with a...
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    Apple Vs. PC at RMC

    Do You get free Internet Access in your room at RMC?? Does anybody know??
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    Redcoat dress uniforms

    Is everybody talking about the red uniforms with the big bear fur type hat or the little RMC type hat? From what I‘ve seen the Pioneers wear the dress with the big bear hats and the red tunics but I‘ve also seen the R 22 at the citadel (in Quebec City) wearing the same thing. And I know RMC wear...
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    New inventor seeking advice

    Found this, though you might want it http://soal.socom.mil/
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    Cdt training= to BMQ

    You mean reaching WO in Cdts? Anybody else know anything about this?
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    Cdt training= to BMQ

    Alright, I heard that if you get your National Star Qualification and/or do Cadet Leader Instructor course its equal to doing BMQ. They say that if you were to join the reserves, for example, you would immeadiatly be send for training in your trade and you would skip basic. True, or just a tale?
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    Alright, I‘ll set the record straight. The 1st JTF was an RCMP unit in charge of anti-terrorism. The anti-terrorism responsibilities were then transfered to the CF and the new team was renamed JTF2.
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    You could try putting the goggles under the helmet, put the strap around your head, then put the helmet over top. As for fogging up, you can try anti-fog or just lift them off your face for a moment every chance you get in order to get some air inside them.
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    Reserves and Cadets

    Thanks for the info so far. I‘ve just have one more question, if you are in the reserves can you do cadet training in the summer instead of going on course for the reserves?
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    Reserves and Cadets

    Is it possible to be in Cadets and in the Reserves at the same time if they parade on different nights of the week?
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    Wrist Watch Recommendations - Merged Thread

    How many people use the watchband cover thing?
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    Tattoo Thread - including current policy [MERGED]

    So whats the meaning of the spider web on the elbow?
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    Canada is ordering 6,500 Monocular Night Vision Goggles

    Any body know where you can purchase some NVG‘s in the Toronto area?
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    Merged Quotes and Sayings Thread; some useful, some junk

    "Ok....just give me a second to open this map and i‘ll see how f*cked we are."