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    Tpr Larry Rudd KIA in Afghanistan: 24 May 2010

    Extremely sad way to start the week, Rest in peace !
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    The brown Temperate Combat Boot (AKA: Mk IV Cbt Boot) - No longer CADPAT

    I was out having a smoke break in CFSCE and saw a cpl wearing them. According to him there extremely comfortable.
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    Corporal Joshua Baker Killed in Training Accident - 12 Feb 2010

    :cdn: Rest in Peace and thank you
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    Grade 12 Semester 1 Final Marks

    You must acquire a fully updated high school transcript from you school, the original, usually photo copies are no good. In most cases you can ask your school for 2 or 3.
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    ROTP A few Questions

    I can answer some questions Most likely not, you can play when you have your time off if you want. You would need recruit school bypass, but you will most likely not get it if you only have Co-op BMQ, so you'll have to redo training. No
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    need to maintain weight and build strength

    When you say 2 muscle group workouts I assuming that your talking about 3 day a week workouts. To be honest in my experience and I've asked a lot about this, its all about personal preference. I find when I work each muscle by its self my body grows stronger and my muscles increase in size. The...
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    Having a dilemma on what I should do, need some advice

    In all honesty before you go any further i highly suggest going down to your local recruiting station if possible. The recruiter there will be able to answer all those questions plus more that may pop up between now and then. They also usually have the latest information on what trades are...
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    need to maintain weight and build strength

    To help the first post: Its hard to keep size while doing cardio without loosing muscle. People I use to train who had similar goals as yours , I would tell them this. To eat a lot of small but filling meals during the day , 10-12. Do not miss breakfast lunch or dinner ! I would suggest starting...
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    MOC Training

    I'm going to Kingston feb 17 and believe I'm going to be put on PAT platoon, I don't have my 404's so I suppose I'll have to get them. Anyway to answer your question I was told that MOC training for Sig op (the trade I'm also going into) is appox 5months. But to be quite honest everyones telling...
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    No Discrimination Found in Complaint Regarding Recruitment Denial

    We can just continue laughing at people like them.
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    No Discrimination Found in Complaint Regarding Recruitment Denial

    The forces is full of diff races, white , black, arab, asian ect. This is just another case of a Muslim thinking he could pull the race card because of something he clearly failed to ensure before he signed up for the CF. Maybe this fool should see how many Muslims are actually employed by DND...
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    Hitler responds to the iPad

    As much as I watch these downfall spin off video's they never bore me. :)
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    Postings For Sig Op?

    I'm going to Kingston Feb 17. I was told by the recruiter that I'll probably be put into PAT platoon until I can be loaded onto a course so I assume the same goes for you. He informed me that i'll most likely be loaded by march or may. But as everything in the military, things can change.  Also...
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    Jogging and following back pain

    The pain in your lower back and be caused by various factors. I would normally tell you to start doing light stretches but the lower back is very sensitive. Like the poster above me, I highly suggest you see a doctor as soon as possible. Like the old saying goes " better to be safe than sorry"...