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    Performance Oriented Electronic Training (POET)

    The course was changing when I was there, sounds like it still is if it has 2 versions of POET. IMO one version is for AVS, other is for ATIS possibly, or the old version of LCIS techs (whatever they're called now)
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    Avionics Sys tech Vs Aviation Sys tech Vs Aircraft Struct Tech

    I'm not sure wha the AME stuff is that you are trained in (and Im too lazy to look it up plus I just graduated POET and decided to jump in here for some insane reason), but here's the long and shot of each trade : AVS - Avionics Systems Technician - electronics AVN - Avation Systems Technician...
  3. RTaylor

    AVI vs AVN vs AVS

    AVS - Avionics Systems Technician - electronics AVN - Avation Systems Technician - engines / weapons ACS - Aircraft Structures Technician - bodywork That's the gist of each trade. AVI is a video file type used by most people that pirate movies ;D
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    CF Dress regulations RE Air Force

    Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it
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    CF Dress regulations RE Air Force

    We don't have access to the DWAN in the training environment, which is silly. Basically, I was telling my fellows on course that there is a dress state for the Air Force DEU's that include the beret, they told me I was full of it. We proceeded to go to PT a few days later and BAM there was a...
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    CF Dress regulations RE Air Force

    Howdy all, I was wondering if anyone knew of a place on the internet that I can find the CF Dress regulations for the Air Force. I've searched quite a bit but it still eludes me. The school Im in has regulations that are from the early 80's, and I'm trying to show people that there are...
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    Soldier On Sports Recovery/Rehabilitation Fund

    Ironman, I was at the K2K and it was pretty awesome, alot of us from CFSCE really put in a lot of effort and the end was very much worth it as we raised alot of awareness (and cash) in the local and military community. I hope that the effort continues and only gains awareness as time goes by...
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    August BMQ- 2009

    LOL yeah, in a matter of no time at all you're language will be spiced with all the words that would make a criminal blush. BMQ isn't easy, unless you luck out and have instructors that are easy going, but even then it's pretty rough. A few pieces of advice : Don't go in there thinking you...
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    Performance Oriented Electronic Training (POET)

    Im here in Kingston now taking POET. WoW what a course, fast and intense with all the C.O.C.K. trimmings the army has to offer. Only advice I have to give is don't join AVS thinking it's a free ride to a spec pay job. And March Break was awesome!
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    Occupational Transfer to MP

    From what Ive been hearing from the MPs in Borden they've dropped the pre-req of the 2 year course and you do a 6 month course now. But in saying that a friend is trying to remuster and the BPSO in Borden told him that he needs the course. This conflicts with what Ive been told by a school...
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    Performance Oriented Electronic Training (POET)

    So students in Kingston doing POET get March Break? :D
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    Performance Oriented Electronic Training (POET)

    Hey all, Been a while since Ive been here but Ive had a few questions floating around. Im heading to POET on March 5th and Ive been wondering if there is a March Break there. When I was in Greenwood on OJT they told me to burn all my leave because it was useless in Kingston. Any leave for...
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    Performance Oriented Electronic Training (POET)

    I may have to take compassionate care leave, my son is having issues so it might take a bit to go home and clear up (he's pooping blood alot). Going to see if I can get a OJT in Greenwood while the problem gets sorted out. Hopefully they can accomodate me.
  14. RTaylor

    Kyle's Take On BMQ (For all those waiting to leave...)

    Yeah, I remember your course being rained out in Farnham lmao....R0179E or R0180E ? Im R0182E Week 11 is much harder than week 12 IMO, you get more sleep but more COCK (Confirmation of Comback Knowledge). Week 12 was alot of fun. What made it hard for me is having to do RFT before course....6...
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    Performance Oriented Electronic Training (POET)

    Hmmmm...I graduate on Thursday Nov 20, hit Borden on Nov 21, think that the course is full up or that I'll be sent to Kingston for POET?