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    Can't you just hear their knees jerking?

    Civilians got to love them. We don't hear from them until the poop hits the fan and then they ask for something foolish like this. I'm just getting over the piggy flu, didn't think I had it until I was tested. I've had flu's before but this one kicked me like an angry mule, totally miserable, I...
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    Is This Liberal Mailout A Slap In The Face To Those Who Serve?

    I frequently get mail from all 3 main parties in my riding, I do what I always do, deep six them were they belong.. At least the paper is recyclable. Now its of to watch bugs bunny and the road runner hour... No I don't mean question period... :P
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    Election 2009?

    The last election is a prime indication that Canadians as a whole have become very disengaged with our political process, I think its mainly due to the caliber of the politicians we now have to choose from. I agree with George that until this country has politicians with some charisma and are...
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    If America adopts Canada's health care system

    I'm not sure were your getting these numbers from, but I didn't have to wait no 17 weeks to see an Oncologist when I was diagnosed with colan cancer. From the time it was diagnosed to my first treatment was 12 days here at the London Ontario cancer centre at Westminister hospital. Have you ever...
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    Tell us your experiences after Medical Release with SISIP/VAC/etc

    Although I was released almost 9 years ago my experience with both the VAC and SISIP has been a positive one. I started drawing a VA pension the last two years of my service and then when I was finally released SISP clicked in and the rest is history. Even though my condition has become worse...
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    Defending Canadian Arctic Sovereignty

    The US and the Russians have already claimed the artic 50 years ago at the start of the cold war. They've had their boomers and attack subs patrolling those waters for decades... I keep hearing the government say "we'll defend our rights to the artic. Don't they realize that by our inaction...
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    Van Doos 'hit the jackpot' with Taliban bomb factories

    Bien fait mes amis Vandoo, vous nous rendez fiers! I think the people who say we're not making a difference should read this article! If our people keep on doing this the taliban will cease to be much of a threat, seeing that they rely so heavily on their IED's and bombs because they certainly...
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    PERs : All issues questions...2003-2019

    I may be old school but when you sign on the dotted line you do whatever is asked of you, If that means endless hours of boredom or weeks of back breaking labour or deployments, so be it, you belly up and do it. The military has always been this way, lots of redtape, bureaucracy and sometimes...
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    Secret federal documents reveal full AECL funding - CTV.ca

    Just a tad bit of sloppiness on the governments part and to blame it on the aid, well that's just weak. What happened to "taking responsibility for ones department" that means everyone who works under you. These people need some work ethic and character training. This is just one more...
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    Uprising against military exhibits

    Now that's a spectacle I'd love to see. Lets not just restrict it to just local politicians, get the whole gang out there federal, provincial and local.
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    CBC, Old Port, could be sold off, documents show

    Someone should tell the government that they would probably get a better deal at a "pawn shop". 4 billion is a spit in the bucket. They must be getting pretty desperate if their rumaging through the basement looking for anything of value to pawn. Sorry chumps, hocking that DVD player and broken...
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    Jack Granatstein on how Conservatives are treating the CF

    Don't kid yourself, that's exactly why the money has been spent, not because our ships are growing screen doors and sinking. It's because of the war and we should buy the best equipment available for our soldiers when at war, but don't forget the rest of the military. If we were still on peace...
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    Ottawa mulls role in Afghanistan past 2011

    I'm sure there are people who have had this this thought from time to time, like myslef. Black humour or not, it would have one very positive effect. It would send the taliban scurrying back to their caves like rats to a sewer drain As for Mckays comments, well all i can say is... "Spoken like...
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    The Via Rail Promotion For CF Members Thread

    We've gone down east from Toronto but it was only the two of us. You need a sleeper unless you want to sit in a seat for 24 hours, not recommended with small children. Train leaves GTA for Montreal and then you transfer in Montreal to another train eastbound. The whole trip to Halifax is approx...
  15. retiredgrunt45

    The Via Rail Promotion For CF Members Thread

    The Mrs and I used it last year to go out to the east coast. This year we're going to Vancouver to visit our oldest daugter. The service last year was great aboard the train, we paid the extra and booked ourselves a sleeper, it was a very pleasant trip, there and back. Theres nothing like the...