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London Ontario
Cpl for life (Ret'd) Medical release
1,3,4 RCR, (CTC) Infantry school Gagetown, 4CMBG 3RCR Baden Germany 1980-1984 1988-1992, CFB Chilliwack, 3 UN tours, 1984-86 3RCR Kapyong barracks Winnipeg. Came full circle back to Wolseley barracks to polish a desk and await medical release.
Military Experience
1978 - 2001 Reg force
I have exchanged my rifle for a keyboard, i'am now a professional "Nerd" . I now dabble in the arts of digital interfaces and the fantastic world of "ones" & "zero's" were anything is possible and were ones anonymity is null and void.

Instructing someone how to use a computer is only half the task, the other half is informing them that the "Start" button is not the ignition switch.


The first goal of any political party is to stay in power by whatever means possible. Their second goal is to fool us into believing that we should keep them in power.

A politician is like a used car saleman, he'll promise you a "peach" and then turn around and sell you a "lemon"

"Politicians are like diapers, they have to be changed often because their usually full of shit.


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