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    How did you Honour Rememberance Day?

    :remembrance: I went with my hubsand to watch The Parade in Perth Ontario. Attended the ceremony. Then met up with our friend Shawn who had participated in the Parade and we went to the Legion for soup and a beer.Thank you ladies auxiliary.
  2. retd cpl wife

    Anybody in 2RCHA in between 98 and 00.

    my husband was there from 94 to 04
  3. retd cpl wife

    MCPL Todd Stoneman. August 25, 2010. RIP

    It with great sadness to announce that MCPL Todd Stoneman passed away following a traffic accident on August 25, 2010. Todd served two tours in Afghanistan with the Marlant EME Branch Canadian Military. He was active with the Lions Club, Musquodoboit Valley, as well as an ATV Club. Todd is...
  4. retd cpl wife

    Just for Fun - Christmas Questions!

    1. When will you decorate for Christmas? Usually the week before 2. Real tree, artificial tree, or no tree? Artificial 3. How much of your Christmas shopping have you completed? None ,Into last moment dash 4. What would you like the Jolly Fat Guy to bring you this year? Believe it or not pots...
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    The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

    Mt wife is a nurse in a downtown TO hospital. FWIW she shaves her patients with Gillette Trac Two disposable razors and Gillette gel shaving cream for Sensitive skin. All the nurses on her floor do the same and pay for these items out of their own pocket. I know its policy where I work now ,no...
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    So What Movie Do You Want To See This Summer?

    There is a few I'd like to see 1.  Spiderman 3 2.  Pirates of the Caribbean 3 3. Delta Farce 4.  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 5.  Live Free or Die Hard 6. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
  7. retd cpl wife

    The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

    If you don't mind the straight edge with the disposable blade most beauty/barber supply shops carry them. Some might even carry the regular ones. Never hurts to ask.
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    The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

    A women's view. As a home care worker when I shave my male clients I have to use an electric shaver(piece of garbage),I find that it leaves more whisker than it shaves. I personally use Mach 3 make buying blades easier since my home is male dominate. A long time ago I was a hairdresser,I was...
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    Something Nice Happened Today :)

    Hi Rebecca I too am a home care worker(P.S.W) ,I agree with your statement that, what we do we do it because we care for our charges.But a little recognition goes along way for your moral on the job. So congratulations and just enjoy your moment in the lime light. And good luck in your...
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    What's your gas price? 2.0

    I saw $1.06 P/L in the west end of Ottawa today
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    MS Roxanne LaLonde - 21 April 2007

    I spoke to one of Roxanne's aunts today.I showed her the wonderful things you people had to say of her.(Roxanne) Her aunt wanted me to thank you very much. She was going to finish reading them when she got home she was getting teary eyed.
  12. retd cpl wife

    Happy Easter Everyone

    Happy Easter to all at home and abroad    We are planning a huge Easter dinner with our families and friends.Our kids are all grown up so no Easter egg hunt but that gives me more time to cook. When our family eats its like cooking for an army.        
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    MLVW Replacment?

    Hello this is retd cpl again, was reading a post about MLVW brake system. What makes it illegal also is a single reservoir for brake fluid. Once you lose the fluid, you have no brake application accept for the good old hand brake, which is not an emergency brake, but a PARK brake. The hand brake...
  14. retd cpl wife

    MLVW Replacment?

    Hello I am the retd cpl,  I have 14 yrs exp as an EME tech , veh tech that is. There are some short term things you can do to make the MLVW more acceptable until it is replaced. 1st remember the poor turn radius of the old 5 ton, there was a mod which altered the the placement of the steering...
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    Merged Quotes and Sayings Thread; some useful, some junk

    RSM on parade,"You bunch of moral sucking vampires !!!"