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    Future Armour

    The Wiesel is a good vehicle. It would make loads of sense to buy this vehicle, which is precisely why the US Army will never buy it. [lol:
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    Pentagon's restrictions on Pokemon Go game prompted by spying fears

    I've heard it's been restricted at Joint Base Lewis-McChord due to safety concerns. A local police department in my area put out a press release last week telling people doing whatever they do on Pokemon Go to stay away from the department headquarters. Apparently, they were blocking the...
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    The Great Boot Review

    Have you tried Danners? I wore them for years in the infantry, both on and off deployment, and they're the best boots I've ever worn. I also wore them in law enforcement. I probably have four pair and cannot wear them out. Danner sells their boots for life. The soles are stitched down, they have...
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    The 5 Most Exciting (And Gross) Realities Of Life In A Tank

    We lived in our tracks for about five months in 90-91 in the desert. One night in January of 91 we did a big rehearsal and the wind was blowing hard. I used to keep my map case bungie-corded on top of my turret with the red work lamp. I had this awesome pair of duck hunter gloves that I only...
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    The 5 Most Exciting (And Gross) Realities Of Life In A Tank

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    The 5 Most Exciting (And Gross) Realities Of Life In A Tank

    Number 4, definitely...  [Xp
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    Future Armour

    It's an interesting article, but it seems to me that this isn't something radically different, but a development of concepts that we've known about for a long time. Infantry support vehicles with missiles and automatic cannon have been in service for many years. Mating missiles with MBT-level...
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    3000 BAE AMPV to Replace US Army M113 Fleet

    The AMPV isn't a replacement for the Bradley, at least not yet. Every mechanized unit has soldiers that use APCs. Medics, Maintenance contact teams, the TOC, mortars, etc, etc, etc, all currently deploy on the 113. That track has been obsolete for a long time. The AMPV shares many components...
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    Turn off your cell phone - USMC Commandant

    Here's the line from CNN about what General Nellis said: "US Marines need to put away their cell phones, forget about their fancy coffees and get back to doing what Marines used to do -- dig a foxhole, cover up, stay quiet and be wary, the Corps' top officer says."...
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    No Silent Night- Claim by US Historian about US Artillery in World War 2

    I just finished an outstanding book called From Boer War to World War: Tactical Reform of the British Army, 1902–1914, by Spencer Jones. It provides a general overview, and sections on the infantry, cavalry, and artillery. Pertinent to this discussion is the section on the development of...
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    Washington transit officer charged with aiding Islamic State

    Remember, most of the time, the authorities only arrest the dumb ones....  ;D
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    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    I'm in the Stramash Army! Dark Lochnagar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aknsyUmaEQ Tom Paine's Bones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS3KRw_-cls
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    A Rifle Company Commander's Notes

    Haligonian, Roger, NCOs are right with their soldiers every day of the week. The idea behind sergeant's time is to devote a specific time block each week to basic soldier skills training. Officers traditionally go off and do officer stuff during sergeant's time. Sergeant's time was supposed to...
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    A Rifle Company Commander's Notes

    This information is outstanding not just for company commanders, but also for small-unit leaders at all levels. Training in the US Army is driven either by the Mission Essential Task List (METL) – (mostly in peacetime), or the Army Force Generation Cycle (ARFORGEN) for operational deployments...
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    US Army Medical officers with the BEF

    This is a PDF file about US Army doctors who served with the BEF on the Western Front. It's from the US Army Medical Department, and I stumbled upon it looking for something entirely different. Anyway, this is a fascinating read...