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    Commuting costs - required to travel to work twice in 24 hours

    I currently commute to work by bicycle. I am now being asked to work at different times of day, sometimes coming in for an hour in the morning and then working a late shift. Am I entitled to commuting costs (ie taxi) if I have to come back into work at night (no transit available, road is...
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    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    Excellent. It really feels like they are not lying to us this time!
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    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    Thanks for the replies everyone!
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    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    Would that 35 year limit include military pension that has not been surrendered (ie transfered over) to the public service? From my understanding if I take my military pension at 25, then it should have no effect on accumulation of 35 years in PS? My intent is to retire from the PS before 10...
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    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    Reviving an old post to get clarification. I'm looking at retirement windows now. I have 10 years of service left (had some reserve time) until I'm eligable for an immediate retirement annuity with CAF. It's my intention to leave as soon as I hit 25 and then most likely look at taking a public...
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    Declining an offer (merged)

    Reminds me of the futurama gag: Fry: "So we can't be sent away?" Recruiter: "Not unless a war were declared" Fry(after signing): "What's that siren mean?" Recruiter: "War were declared"
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    Declining an offer (merged)

    I think the fact that the OP's mom (and maybe Dad) are Korean is a big factor here. Respect for parent's wishes (and elders in general) is a much bigger deal in Korean culture than in western culture. As well, having worked with the Korean military, the treatment of their soldiers (especially...
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    Canadian Automated Pilot Selection System (CAPSS)

    Wow. Umm... maybe submit a Access to Information Act (ATIA) request. Request all documents from certain given years that relate to the administration and conduct of the CAPSS system and eligibility for CAPSS courses.
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    Canadian Automated Pilot Selection System (CAPSS)

    My understanding is you can retake the test after 12 months regardless of getting a PPL.
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    Ordered "to get a phone" / Contact Information [Merged]

    End of the day people should be reasonably contactable. Doesn't mean instantly, doesn't mean 5 minute voicemail turn around. I'd argue an email address should be sufficient. I'll check it at some point in the day and if it can't wait till tomorrow, then I will respond. I would hazard a guess...
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    Travel on weekend leave

    I do, and it's perfectly acceptable. There's no security requirement to remove a PKI card.
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    "So You Want To Be A Pilot" Merged Thread 2002 - 2018

    From my understanding: 1. Cormorant is difficult. It's the most desired air frame in rotary wing. Cyclone is easier, however they are still working out alot of kinks in their training and there may be a big backlog when you go to do your OTU (kind of like the issues Chinooks have been having)...
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    Ordered "to get a phone" / Contact Information [Merged]

    I've never given out my cellphone number. I have a landline (VoIP based, but services the same function). Most of the time calls go to voicemail because I'm out doing things or I just choose to not answer my phone. There's no expectation that every member of the CAF be reachable instantly...
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    Upcoming Changes to the Dress Manual

    Agreed. When I commissioned over I bought my mess dress. As an NCO it started becoming less and less "optional" as my career progressed, which I resisted since I had a element change in mind at the time.
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    Organ Donation

    As far as I understand, you can still get a healthcard as a CF member, I looked and didn't see anything that says you can't get the card. Of course you aren't supposed to use the card for covered health insurance through OHIP since that's supposed to be covered by CAF. But from an administrative...