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    CAN Enhanced (Permanent?) Fwd Presence in Latvia

    Oh in Dear Leader's mind ANYTHING is possible if you say the right things.....
  2. OldSolduer

    CAN Enhanced (Permanent?) Fwd Presence in Latvia

    I reckon JT and the gang have never heard of "lead by example".
  3. OldSolduer

    USSC upholds Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act against States

    Interesting. Do we have similar situations here?
  4. OldSolduer

    Active Shooter In NS. April 19 2020

    Blair should resign. I hope Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition tears the GoC apart. Lucki should be fired or resign herself.
  5. OldSolduer

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    Sarcasm notwithstanding perhaps the shooters had some military training of some sort. I have just learned of this about 10 minutes ago.
  6. OldSolduer

    [US] Army Drops Requirement for High School Diploma Amid Recruiting Crisis

    Just a crayon eater here but this is what I thought in 1998. We do a pretty damn good job of preparing troops physically to do what is necessary in combat. For the most part they are fit and can shoot, call for indirect fire etc. Where the military fell down is failing to prepare them...
  7. OldSolduer

    [US] Army Drops Requirement for High School Diploma Amid Recruiting Crisis

    At my current place of employment knowing how to count and knowing the alphabet is about the only quals necessary. And sometimes people slip through the cracks.....
  8. OldSolduer

    CAN Enhanced (Permanent?) Fwd Presence in Latvia

    Maybe thoughts and prayers?
  9. OldSolduer

    Hockey Canada in the Government Crosshairs

    I noticed that this morning. Good job and I hope all sports are rid of these utterly disgusting people.
  10. OldSolduer

    Red Teaming the Government of Canada

    Heads up their asses is a more correct saying
  11. OldSolduer

    "James Mattis just got married in the most Marine way possible"

    Congrats to the Marine who knew who the PPCLI were!!
  12. OldSolduer

    Freedom Convoy protests [Split from All things 2019-nCoV]

    Don't count on it. They blockaded rail lines - zero consequences. If they do occupy the Hill then expect statues of every PM to be torn down.
  13. OldSolduer

    What if....A Super disaster? Impact on Canada or the world? Napkin speculation

    I thought that was the Trudeau government's responsibility... Anyways I saw a TV program that tried to forecast what it would look like if the Pacific Rim went up. The volcanos. Not the big monsters....
  14. OldSolduer

    US Air Force selects future aircrew helmet

    But when you speak do you sound like James Earl Jones?