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    What’s in a Soldier? How to Rebrand the Canadian Armed Forces

    Thank you! Things have been working out well on the civilian side. Unfortunately the application process left me very disenchanted. I remember driving to the nearest recruiting centre (about an hour away from where I lived) multiple times for yearly medicals, interviews, document submission, and...
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    What’s in a Soldier? How to Rebrand the Canadian Armed Forces

    Based on my personal experience, the process just took too long and there was discontinuity. I first applied in 2012 when I was 21 years old and remained in the process until 2019 when I was 28 years old, when I received a job offer. Unfortunately by that point, I was making a salary equivalent...
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    Application Process Samples [ 2019-present]

    Recruiting Center: CFRC Toronto Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: Officer Trade choice 1: Nursing Officer Trade choice 2: N/A Trade choice 3: N/A Application date: June 2019 (first applied 2013) First contact: June 2019 CFAT: circa 2013 Medical: July 2019 Interview: July 2019 Med Approved...
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    Been 3 years in the process.

    Hi there, if it makes you feel better, I've been in the process since 2013. There's been a lot of hurdles and I'm still not sure if I'll get a job offer, but that's why I've been more focused on my civilian career and have made it my priority. If I get an offer from the military, that's great...
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    Application - How long does it take? (Merged)

    No worries, all the best!
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    Application - How long does it take? (Merged)

    It wasn't too bad to be honest. To answer your question, I have no idea. It all depends on how quickly your file is processed and completed, the number of positions available for that occupation, your position on the merit list, selection dates, and intake dates for BMQ. I applied for DEO...
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    Application - How long does it take? (Merged)

    I'm not sure if they would be done your background check in its entirety so quickly (including references, employment verification, credit check) - you'd have to ask your recruiting centre. My process was as follows: CFAT + TSD --> Background check initiated (some references were called) / PLAR...
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    Application - How long does it take? (Merged)

    1) In my experience, the length of time for the process can vary. For example, I've been in the process since 2013 and encountered issues such as selected occupation not open for hiring, file closures, file transfers, etc. It's difficult to predict. The most recent time I applied however, I felt...
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    BMI Requirements for Medical and Med info?

    Unfortunately I'm uncertain as to whether I'm permitted to divulge that information. Perhaps a CAF member can chime in.
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    BMI Requirements for Medical and Med info?

    The medical is very thorough and you will be asked questions about your mental health and past treatments if applicable. I had my medical recently and it was very detailed and included questions about physical and mental health. As for the first question, when the medical technician required...
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    General CFRC Questions – Regular Forces

    I believe it stands for "closed / no further contact"? I.e. files that were closed and there was no further contact between the recruiting centre and applicant. My file folder had the same thing written on it.
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    ROTP at RMC only : 2019 - 2020

    Does anyone know the next selection date for DEO nursing officer?
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    BMOQ 2019 - Regular Force

    Congrats! I'm also applying for DEO nursing officer and just got booked for my medical and interview. If you don't mind me asking, are you entering as general duty or specialist? Also how long have you been in practice for?
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    Enhanced Reliability Check (ERC) - Merged

    Hello, I'm re-applying to the military since my file was closed a few months ago. I have a few questions: -How long is the background check valid for? I ask because my references were called during a background check a few months ago for another occupation before my file was closed, and the...
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    Being searched/patted-down every time I enter the recruiting office

    Ah I see, last I applied was in 2014. I must have missed the memo.