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    Soldier Missing After Morning Run in Edmonton's River Valley

    I'm in Gagetown on course, and it bothers me that I'm not there, and I can't get out there to help in the search. Even more so, knowing where he went missing, and having run that exact trail a few times before. Here's hoping he's found soon.
  2. Nicholas Cressman

    Math for Combat Engineers (merged)

    Get to know triangles, functions, fractions, decimals, proportions, and Area/volume measurement, and you'll do fine.
  3. Nicholas Cressman

    Private Members Bill: 5 May Proposed as "Maple Leaf and Tulip Day"

    Wow, a lot of repeats on the name of the member..... looking for attention?
  4. Nicholas Cressman

    DND halts millions in benefits

    Yeah, I'll be expecting it soon. I'm guessing that it refers to separation allowance, menion. Nic
  5. Nicholas Cressman

    Todays Engineer

    Unfortunately, we were not allowed to do abatis in Gagetown, because of 'environmental concerns' even though the Officer Phase 4 I assisted on did not 4 months prior. I would have loved to get that experience. and you're right NFLD, I do now remember the thumb knot is best for contact charges...
  6. Nicholas Cressman

    Todays Engineer

    Nobody frapping? odd for a Demolition skills training session. Nic
  7. Nicholas Cressman

    Blast-resistant boxers keep soldiers safe below waist

    I think they are attempting to play to a man's fear of losing popularity with the ladies if their junk is gone.
  8. Nicholas Cressman

    Deputies used military first-aid materials to help save Tucson victims

    "Quick Clot combat Gauze" is not the same as the 'grainy powder' that you may be familiar with. The new 'combat gauze' is a z-fold bandage, treated with a hemostatic agent called Kaolin. It also features a blue x-ray band, which allows ER staff to see how deep a wound is, by how far into the...
  9. Nicholas Cressman

    Op Podium

    As far as I know there was not an operation crest, although certain units / sub-units may have created their own unofficially
  10. Nicholas Cressman

    Word association (just for fun)

  11. Nicholas Cressman

    Word association (just for fun)