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    Naval Security Team (NST)

    I know this thread has been silent for a bit, but I wanted to update some of the NST info for those who might be new to the term. I deployed on HMCS TORONTO in 2017, and during our RAMP (Rest and Maintenance Period) we spent a little more than 2 weeks alongside in Civitavecchia, Italy (just...
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    Weapons Engineering Technician

    1. Yes, your sub-trade is still selected for you.  However, I'd like to point out that your wishes do go a long way in the selection of your sub-trade.  There was input from each of my senior techs of each section (PO2s of Sonar, Radar, Comms, etc.) and they evaluated my grasp of the systems, my...
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    Navy drones

    I actually got qualified this fall as an Operator/Technician for the Qinetiq SNYPER-UAS this past fall.  The last I had heard was that the original intention for the SNYPER was to be a target for AAW, similar to how the Hammerhead is used for ASuW.  They were looking at adding a camera to the...
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    Life after death

    I grew up in a mixed bag of beliefs (Great-grandfather was a Baptist minister, Dad is an atheist, Mom is a Jehovah's witness, step-dad is Catholic, etc.) so when the time came for me to enter my religion onto my military docs, I put NRE.  It isn't that I don't have a belief in God.  I just don't...
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    Wi-fi hot spots coming to RCN ships

    My biggest issue with this entire story is the fact that people are being misled WRT the access to the WIFI onboard.  This system is not much different than when we used to get a bunch of WIFI hotspots and set them up in the hangar while alongside in a foreign port.  The only difference now is...
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    Engine room fire onboard HMCS HALIFAX

    It's a new Navy.  Sad part is, the Twitter account usually updates things like base closures for snow almost an hour before the storm phone lines get updated.  SkyNet is becoming self-aware
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    One more for the record...

    I read through your last posts, and you didn't mention what you applied for... (I'm just curious / nosy) I, too, had a similar crossroads with employment during my waiting for my CF application to gain traction.  Thankfully, I was applying for a job with Securitas, and was up front with them...
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    I left for BMQ at the age of 29.  I'm now a LS and have POs that are younger than me (sometimes), but you'd be surprised how much the "age" thing is really a non-factor for most people.  I have a Junior Tech who is old enough to be my father (the math was hard, but high-school parents are a...
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    Weapons Engineering Technician

    As far as I know, with the amalgamation of the schools, they were supposed to be able to do video-conferencing for classes, so you could have your classes on both coasts.  As far as I am aware, right now, they are still pushing through the QL3 courses here in Halifax, and when you get to your...
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    Fitness for Operational Requirements of CAF Employment ( FORCE )

    :o  Geezus Murphy...  40 kg bag???  I'm not a tiny dude, but I'd have issues hauling an 88 pound bag of sand up 30 times.
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    Army.ca call to action - Enabling prospective recruits to search

    I put the link to the forces pay scale for salary, but added the blurb about Sea Pay.  The forces recruiting site makes no mention of Sea/Field/Aircrew pay.  Also, the recruiting site shows the estimated salary of a FULLY TRAINED member (ie QL5 or CPL/LS).  I have seen some people asking about...
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    Army.ca call to action - Enabling prospective recruits to search

    Weapons Engineering Technician is completed.
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    Retro Pay & Allow 1Apr 2014 - 1Apr 2017

    Has there been any action on this recently?  I know that these things take time, and bureaucracy works at a super-fast pace ( ::) ), but if anyone has heard anything lately, would you mind sharing with the class? Thanks. Rev
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    Changing Trade

    If you are really interested in putting in a VOT to a different trade, it would have to be done after your BMQ/BMOQ.  Also, I know a few members that have put in for a VOT while on their initial trade qualifications (QL3) and didn't get the VOT until their next qualification levels (QL4/5)...
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    Bringing special items to BMQ.

    As long as the items you wish to bring are not on the prohibited list (knives, contraband magazines, etc.) you will be able to leave them in your civilian luggage and lock them up during the week.  Cowboy boots shouldn't pose a problem, but you'll only have access to them on the weekends when...