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    Navy to consider gender-neutral ranks

    Trade badge to go amongst all the naval "bling"
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    Navy to consider gender-neutral ranks

    Leading Marine Technician, Master Weapons Technician, Able Sonar Operator etc
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    Navy to consider gender-neutral ranks

    The RN only ever used "seaman" for members of that branch ie Bosuns.  All other ratings went by their branch/trade for example I was an LMEM(L) all those years ago
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    Navy to consider gender-neutral ranks

    How about using the trade a sailor is in....Leading Marine Engineer, Master Bosun, Able Nav Comm etc?
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    "Project Inclusion" to cut board photos in holistic effort to promote diversity

    This may be overly simple but how about having a system that requires the member to pass certain requirements for their next rank and when they are met, the member goes on a roster for their trade with the date they passed.  When the CAF requires a MCPL RSM Clerk or whatever, whoever is at the...
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    Alleged Institutional Racism/solutions in CAF (merged)

    Frankly, that message from the Deputy Minister is insulting
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    Hilarious that the RCN still can't get their act together over dress and badges etc.  The amount of time spent on this is ridiculous...now it's remove one flag if you want this one...sad
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    Navy to consider gender-neutral ranks

    I don't think the Post Office will deliver there....
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    Nijmegen March Medal. Authorized for wear on CAF DEU , mess kit?

    Reminds me of a General that liked wearing lots of rings
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    Eligibility to collect Hardship Allowance (HA) and Sea Duty Allowance (SDA) conc

    Was the Sept 2003 date chosen because it pertains in this specific case?  Is there a reason that ROTO 0 of OP Apollo (2001-02) is not included or even further back for that matter? Maybe someone has to file a grievance for their specific case, or is there some technicality that lets the CAF off...
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    CANFORGEN 040/19 - Patches and T-shirts

    I think it's a case of since those with  the newer CADPAT with all the velcro stuff can't roll up sleeves, then no one is allowed to do it.
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    CANFORGEN 040/19 - Patches and T-shirts

    And yet we can't roll our CADPAT sleeves up in the summer when we get too warm
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    Carol Burnett’s Lifetime Achievement Award: Golden Globes 2019

    One of my favourite shows ever, and I got to stay up half an hour later than usual to watch the whole show
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    What's the food like on course? (BMQ, DP, ect...) [Merged]

    Those 3 would be my favourites