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    Nigerian Parachute Demonstration -

    Was at a jump in Wainwright eons ago. Too dark, too windy, predictable results.
  2. ModlrMike

    All Things CAF and Covid/ Covid Vaccine [merged]

    I'm sorry but the law of inintended consequences looms large here. What happens next? No more compulsory immunization for anything? How do we function in the world where protective immunization is a requirement to cross borders?
  3. ModlrMike

    "Vibe" of CIS-White men [Road Split from: Sexual Misconduct in the CAF

    I think this belongs here:
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    Annuitant and Class C

    Just arranging my deck chairs for after my command tour. There's a J4 Log job that looks promising.
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    Annuitant and Class C

    So then I infer that you "double dip" until the 335 threshold is met as well? Do you contribute to CFSA while on the Class C contract?
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    Annuitant and Class C

    Question for the pension experts out there... If a Class A reservist who is an annuitant takes a Class C contract for international ops, how does that effect the pension? My understanding is that the 335 days rule is the important part. If the member's contract ends before they cross the 335 day...
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    C III R Medals

    2.5 years and counting, but then I age out in another 2.5...
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    If only there was an ally with adequate reserves...
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    C III R Medals

    I wouldn't be surprised if a new effigy wasn't already prepared, and waiting for the submission process.
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    "Vibe" of CIS-White men [Road Split from: Sexual Misconduct in the CAF

    Where the challenge lies is in the delta between "believe the victim" and " the presumption of innocence". There is a segment of the population that believes all accusations are prima facie true, and that the alleged perpetrator should be tarred and feathered from the outset. This also exists to...
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    Liberal Minority Government 2021 - ????

    Tone deaf is more like it.
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    9 out of 10 Jobs created in Canada in 2020-2021 were in the Public Sector

    I tried to explain once that each public employee requires four equivalently paid private employees to maintain. People couldn't understand that public employees are at best, net zero to the economy, but in reality a net negative.
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    Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

    Found out today that Shared Health has designated Sep 19 as a working holiday, so time-and-a-half, and a banked day for me. Also received an invitation courtesy of the LG to attend the memorial service that evening. Gonna be a busy day.
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    2022 CPC Leadership Discussion: Et tu Redeux

    That was highly unprofessional of Mr Aikin. When, as a reporter, you become the story, you have failed.
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    If the news about Melitopol is correct, this potentially cuts Crimea off to resupply by sea, and via the Kerch (Crimean) bridge. It also puts that same bridge within range of Ukrainian weapons. Ukraine already controls the sea lanes, taking out the bridge would make for a very hard time in Crimea.