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Recruiting Center: Winnipeg (I'm based out of Thunder Bay, ON)
Regular/Reserve: Regular
Officer/NCM: NCM
Trade Choice 1: Infantry
Trade Choice 2: Gunner
Application Date: 07/Nov/2021
First Contact: 08/Nov/2021
CFAT: 22/Jan/2021
Medical: 26/Jan/2022
Interview: 27/Jan/2022
Reliability Check: 28/January/2022
Security Screening: 28/January/2022
Merit listed: Waiting
Position Offered: Waiting
Enrollment: Waiting
BMQ: Waiting


Recruiting Center: - Thunder Bay, ON - Officer/NCM: NCM - Infantry (Reg Force)
Application Date: 07/Nov/2021 - 1st Contact: 08/Nov/2021
CFAT:19/Feb/2022 - Medical: 24/Feb/2022 - Interview: 24/Feb/2022
Reliability Check: 17/March/2022 - Security Screening: 17/Mar/2022 - Merit listed: 24/March/2022
Position Offered: Infantry Soldier - Enrollment: Waiting - BMQ: Waiting


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