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  1. MikeM

    U.S. 'dangerously vulnerable' to attack: report

    +1 Wes. It is a matter of time, the best thing we can do is stay vigilant as possible and keep our guard up. As for the article, seems like someone's independant "state the obvious" study.
  2. MikeM

    Sept 15 - Moss Park Demonstration

    This happens every once and a while, I guess it's about that time again..
  3. MikeM

    Man runs over anti-war protesters with his car

    Pretty simple, sit in the street, don't be surprised if you're hit by a vehicle. Political belief or not, it's pretty stupid to sit there.
  4. MikeM

    ear protection

    I put them in for ranges, didn't have time when rounds were coming down range for obvious reasons.. unless you wear your ear pro at all times then chances are you won't have the plugs in.
  5. MikeM

    Canadians open new front against Taliban

    No mercy for the savages, give them hell and don't let up. +1 on the OP name.
  6. MikeM

    The General Hillier Years. The Merged Superthread

    +1 to the big man, he's got my support.
  7. MikeM

    MacKay unhurt in rocket attack on Afghan base

    Heard an audio clip on the news this evening, definitely was close for comfort, glad all is well. The FOB isn't that big.
  8. MikeM

    Another day, another battle in Afghanistan

    That photo is on the front page of a lot of Papers... and only brings back a lot of memories, the above posts say it right, take a look and have a long ponder about it.
  9. MikeM

    Afghan Air Force Needs Planes, Parts

    Have to be able to walk before you can run, once they get their army sorted out and self sufficient, then one day they can maybe get some AC.