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    Canada releases strategic reserve of maple syrup...

    ..."sugar maples will shift north to find cooler temperatures..." - WTF? Are they Ents or something similar that can migrate en masse? Biology and geography degrees courtesy of Kellogg's.
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    The British Army has unveiled the cap badge of The Ranger Regiment

    At first glance, that looks like the cap badge of the Rhodesian Selous Scouts....but there is an eagle vice Pegasus. But still....
  3. medicineman

    British Military Current Events

    Made worse by the fact none of them speak English in any recognizable form...
  4. medicineman

    Psychiatric Concerns. Which Doctor to get the form from?

    That will likely be helpful.
  5. medicineman

    Psychiatric Concerns. Which Doctor to get the form from?

    You're best to have the person treating you fill out the form; getting a psychiatric assessment would help, but good luck trying to find a primary care psychiatrist in most parts of Canada for a non-emergent appointment that'll see you within 6-9 months. Don't go to a walk in to get someone who...
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    British Military Current Events

    Best part was the dude that could barely speak English...that could have been added to the Army scene in The Meaning of Life. Any truth to the rumour I've heard about the RM playing "Human Space Invaders" with their FNG's? Or the USMC...see "Meanwhile in the Barracks" on VET TV...
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    British Military Current Events

    How else do you expect people to keep at their highest levels of aggression? 🙄
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    Victoria is facing a public-safety crisis

    20K gets you a downpayment on a small shack IIRC right?
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    Ships Team Diver badge on Army DEU's?

    Can't remember article - suffice to say, it's a Hazardous Duty Qualification that can be worn on any environmental uniform. Ex-Army WO here - I'd NEVER question anyone wearing it, as long as they can attest to being qualified to wear it. Seen a number of people that obtained it as...
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    NDHQ Empty?

    Said something, re-read the OP with more caffiene, so deleted.
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    Rick's Napkin Forces Challenge

    And the US isn't considered a threat a la "Exxoneration"?