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    Protecting Canada

    That only works if you wear it inside out...
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    No plan for Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal

    So it's not just the military then...
  3. medicineman

    British Military Current Events

    Lucky it wasn't in Texas or even maybe Arizona - someone likely would have lit him up
  4. medicineman

    Unrest in Haiti, Again

    They were helping the HNP learn riot control when I was there :ROFLMAO:
  5. medicineman

    RCMP First Contract

    As a PA, I'm paid more in MB than my equivalent in AB by about 7$/hour. My licensing fee in AB is more expensive than in MB - reason I haven't chosen to register there (unless I actually decide to move). The docs there have been in street fight with AHS for awhile after the minister...
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    RCMP First Contract

    Now that PA's in Alberta are regulated, I've considered moving there so my wife can be nearer to her kids/grand kid, as well as my eldest being a Strat. Watching what's going on in health care there and elsewhere, I'm holding back...apart from there not being a lot of jobs currently. At their...
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    RCMP First Contract

    They've just been asked to take a rollback of a few percent, much like nurses and others in the province (except MLA's I'm sure)...
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    RCMP First Contract

    My wife's son is a CVSE officer in AB - this is happening a lot to his agency as they're shifting responsibility to other law enforcement/Sherriff operations. Suspicion is the government is trying to make their own lower cost provincial police service at the expense of the officers already...
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    British Military Current Events

    Doesn't the British Army have some bizarre reg that other ranks/NCO's can't serve beyond 22 years unless they take a commission? Maybe that's the case - forced CFR but revert to RSM for the appointment so they can stay on strength due to TI?
  10. medicineman

    Unrest in Haiti, Again

    She was named as an NHL draft pick for stopping 7 shots in 5 seconds so that's something....
  11. medicineman

    B.C. premier says he will lobby PM to enlist military for wildfire duty

    Why stop at C16's - air bust some 105 or 155mm. Wider swathe and all :cool:
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    Probe launched as names of SAS troops are revealed in Army email blunder

    Oh Oh Someone's got some splainin to do...
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    The Army is investigating a married officer accused of faking deployments and awards amid affairs with several women

    Yup...kind of makes you wonder if he should add all this to his CV under "Accomplishments" or "Experience" 🤔
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    "In Atlanta, a glimpse of why ‘defund the police’ has faltered"

    Of course it was, but looks/sounds cool to many people who want others to see/hear themselves talk.
  15. medicineman

    Unrest in Haiti, Again

    Well, this time around, I get to 🍿 and watch it instead of live/smell it.