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    Ukraine - Superthread

    There we go. Nice to see the Ukraine Government follows army.ca. If you need anymore strategic targeting advice please PM me (:-) https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2022/04/21/ukraine-threatens-russia-airstrike-strategic-crimea-bridge/ MC
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Question from a friend today that I could not answer. Interested in wisdom from the masses. Why is the Crimean Bridge (between Russia and Kerch in occupied Crimea that spans Zuzla Island) still standing? You would have thought that this was a deep fires strategic target to limit resupply from...
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    Fallen Comrades (retired members)

    When was he in the HFofC? MC
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    The "Nursing Officer" Merged Thread

    No problem. If you have anything else feel free to post and we will see what we can do you help you. MC
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    The "Nursing Officer" Merged Thread

    So as a Nursing Officer there are a bunch of potential jobs. One of the jobs you can be posted to a Canadian Forces Health Services Centre as a Primary Care Nurse. Your boss is most often a Medical Officer (Team Leader) another nurse or the Primary Care Services Manager (often a civilian...
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    Carl G

    For those that are not tracking the M4 and want an update. Picture of the M4: https://preview.redd.it/wu51142xkeg81.jpg?width=600&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=86d25d78975b6a67606253b098353fd46ff80ee8 Here is a selection of ammo available for the M4...
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    Influence Activities Task Force - Nudging.

    Funny... I was just looking at doing a course that deals with nudge. Was not tracking it before that! Decision-Making: Judgements, Biases and Nudges. https://www.getsmarter.com/products/lse-decision-making-judgements-biases-and-nudges-online-certificate-course MC
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    Paid Education: General Questions

    Although I am not the most up to date person (read: call a recruiting centre) but in MLAB TECH world you are a Cpl on graduation of BMQ and then after your one year of "preceptorship program" (if successful) are an Acting/Lacking Master Corporal waiting for your Primary Leadership Qualification...
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    MLab Tech

    I will give it a stab as nobody else has. I am not a MLAB TECH but I have had a number work with/for me in the past. 1. You need to do the Basic Military Qualification and the Primary Leadership Qualification to be a substantive Master Corporal which is the working rank of MLAB TECH. There...
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    Year Long French Course

    More beer.
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    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    Another version of the MSE Op customer service story. I was a Platoon Commander and my platoon was off to do some training with a local fire department off Garrison. The Pl WO requested a bus complete with financial code (as our unit did not have any) and sure enough on the morning of the...
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    Combat Engineers

    accidental discharge. Delete and charge.
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    Pinball Thread

    Just out of curiosity, can you get the shop manuals / electronic diagrams for these or do you need to "figure it out" as you go? Pretty cool hobby / addiction. MC
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    Question about Mechanic trade in Army

    Some opportunities for this, depending on you and your unit. I have personally seen Vehicle Technicians do all sorts of all-arms drivers courses, armoured vehicle crew commander, communications (radio) courses, basic winter warfare, basic mountain operations, parachutist, chemical biological...
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    IMPs are still very real and in use in the Regular Force. Most expensive way to field soldiers.