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  1. Matt_Ubbing

    MSVS Mil-COTS Gun Tractor (Split From: MLVW restrictions)

    Received our first msvs gun tractor today. Going to take some adjustments on coming into and out of action, but oh well. We're gunners, well make do.
  2. Matt_Ubbing

    A question for the CP techs/CP Supr/Tech WO's

    MAPS=manual artillery plotting system UCR eh... I think I might do that. Cp supr hat off, qm hat on! You know I'm surprised there isn't a CIG directive on the requirement to have separate computing devices when multiple weapons systems are on the gun position. I mean, for the supervisors, it's...
  3. Matt_Ubbing

    A question for the CP techs/CP Supr/Tech WO's

    Well, as most of us know. The backup to IFCCS, is another IFCCS, then MAPS, or at least that's what's taught nowadays. I had this challenge come upon me when trying to Acquire 2 more CF-30's as we only have 2 and will require 2 per CP minimum with Mortars. Which pub. does it say that in? All I...
  4. Matt_Ubbing

    C3 Grounding

    20th Field also got its gun sent back with no breech assembly, overall cover or muzzle cover. Gun had the light mod, so its kinda hard to come back with no lights.
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    C3 105mm EFC Reference

    In case anyone has the same brain fart I did: for C3 Wear coefficients: Type Of ammuntion                  Charge        Wear Coefficient HE, M1 Illum M314A3, C103 Smoke WP M60 Series                Chg 1-6    0.25                                                   Chg 7        1.00 Proof     ...
  6. Matt_Ubbing

    C3 105mm EFC Reference

    I didn't have the Gun History books in front of me. I have to e-mail the Record Rounds Fired to the various RSS WO's around LFWA, or at least to the "owners" of the howitzers fired. TFT's though....aha! Got it! Good ol' Army.ca, when I can't find the answer myself, I ask army.ca haha. Thanks a...
  7. Matt_Ubbing

    C3 105mm EFC Reference

    Does anyone know where I could find a specific reference for EFC's? I.e. Chg1=.25 and Chg7=1 . I've been hearing conflicting information and no one seems to be able to give me a clear answer. I swear I saw it in some publication somewhere....can't find it again though.
  8. Matt_Ubbing

    C3 Grounding

    In Shilo during WD11, there were 4 guns inspected right off the bat. As they passed, the one's we were dry training with were rotated out. We had at least 4 Serviceable guns to shoot. I believe they were all the ATG's guns, however I do know that 1 sent from 20 Fd passed as well as the 1 sent...
  9. Matt_Ubbing

    Where did the CIG directives go?

    Went to the arty school website on the din.... Can't seem to get access to them anymore... help?
  10. Matt_Ubbing

    CIG Directives

    Anyone have an E-copy of CIG Directive 08? Won't seem to work on the site for me.
  11. Matt_Ubbing

    IFCCS 5.2

    Came up on a problem with the new burn with the charge changing when going into FFE, when it shouldn't. Got this from LSEC: "Here is the Log for the Msn I was talking about.  If you scroll down the log you can see right before FFE the computer changed the charge from 5 to 6.  Then the student"...
  12. Matt_Ubbing

    geting posted to alberta or b.c for feild artillery?

    Only Arty units in Alberta are: 18 AD Regt (They're really field arty) in Lethbridge 78 Field Bty, 20th Field Regt in Red Deer, AB. You won't get a full time spot there, As that's my job lol 20th Field Regiment (61 Bty, HQ&Svcs Bty)  Edmonton and then there's the RCA band in Edmonton as well
  13. Matt_Ubbing

    Fire Discipline Challenge

    I agree....verify direction.
  14. Matt_Ubbing

    need Joining instructions for CP det Comd in Sault Ste Marie

    Can anyone help me get some joining instructions for CP Det Comd in Sault Ste Marie? I'm down to the wire here, and I've got nothin to go off of. Help would be much appreciated.
  15. Matt_Ubbing

    The CF Principles of Leadership and the Principles of War

    Well, I believe they have changed due to the changing sociology in the world. For example, todays new leaders are educated, along with the progression of technology, information is passed quickly. I still prefer the old "10 principles". It was much easier to apply and remember, where I find the...