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  1. Marshall

    A job as a Psychologist in the forces?

    Thank you for the replies! Do civilian contracted people get any type of reimbursement? Like a doctor who has gone through education and joins the CF receives? I am doubtful but does not hurt to ask :)
  2. Marshall

    ROTP at Civilian University 2004 - 2018 [Merged]

    In-clearance at CFB Halifax, was, interesting. Nothing "exciting" though. haha.
  3. Marshall

    Hello Everyone!

    Heh, Welcome :) Hope your application and such goes smoothly. This is definitely the place to be for help and support.
  4. Marshall

    A job as a Psychologist in the forces?

    I am going to take a look at the forces site again, I have not been on there since I found THIS site :) (and further information from anyone is useful - too ) Thank you for your help.
  5. Marshall

    A job as a Psychologist in the forces?

    Hello again, I've been searching through the forums looking for any relevancy to my question, but it does not seem to exist. My girlfriend is getting more and more interested with my military program (ROTP), and about many aspects of the CF. She is studying to become a Psychologist and asked...
  6. Marshall

    So You Want to be an officer, eh!

    Nice post George :) Too bad it was not around last year. I'm going to try and make myself in the first column of Officers if I make it through :)
  7. Marshall

    ROTP at Civilian University 2004 - 2018 [Merged]

    Very cool CEEBEE! I am OCdt Marshall , but who knows how many Marshall's there may be haha. Should be an interesting time though.
  8. Marshall

    Switching degree programs in rotp

    I am not so sure it is based solely on your marks, as they interview you again to figure out your trade. But I am guessing that someone with 80's in an Engineering degree is just as capable for a trade as someone with a 90's average in a less intensive degree. It probably also depends on the...
  9. Marshall

    ROTP at Civilian University 2004 - 2018 [Merged]

    Little over a week until the Civvie U Orientation in St. Jean,. . should be interesting to say the least haha. Who else is going? :)
  10. Marshall

    Teen pregnant after ‘swimming in pool’

    If by any miracle a sperm survived in treated water, That girl is going to have some sort of mutant chlorine Super-Baby. . .
  11. Marshall

    Application Process (Completed-Officers)

    Mine also says Aug 09. But it was just an email, it could have been a mistake to send it to me. So im hoping to find out in person. I just know that I have to meet with the ULO's from Aug 4 - 7 (or 9th) for all that. So It would be cutting it close for traveling from Halifax to St. Jean / Kingston.
  12. Marshall

    Application Process (Completed-Officers)

    Has any Civvie-U ROTP figured out if they have to go to St. Jean for the 2-week mini-course? (starting Aug 9th supposedly)
  13. Marshall

    Confused about ROTP financing at Civi U

    Sounds good, I will talk to my ULO about that :) Thanks for the quick reply.