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    Reserve BMQ Prayer

    Tell your staff about your worries. You will definitely have 10 minute breaks around the day. 5 min is too short to pray, but in 10 min you'll have time if you always have your wudu on.
  2. Marenzo

    Reserve BMQ Prayer

    Varies wildly. You could miss every prayer, or not miss any of them. You never know. They won't give you special timings just because you need time to pray. But keep in mind things get much more relaxed outside BMQ and DP1. And for the beard, yes, they issued me a chit on my first day at the...
  3. Marenzo

    Vision Questions Megathread, Categories, Problems etc.

    I remember spending hours and hours fruitlessly searching the web and this forum for a 6/X to diopters converter. So here I'll post my results. -2.0 and both eyes should get you V3. -2.5 is a stretch, expect a V4. Remember only the medical officer will be able to tell. Good luck to any fellow...
  4. Marenzo

    Interview advice (merged)

    All of you seem to be overthinking it. My interview for reserves was nothing like an actual job interview. Dress well, sign their papers and don't say you've joined to kill people, and boom you're enrolled. I was wearing a black t-shirt and brown chinos at the interview because I only had 5...
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    Reserve BMQ Prayer

    As-salamu 3alaykum. I am currently on the reserve part-time BMQ. As ACE_Engineer mentionned, there is no standard procedure for this. We were told there would be no special breaks for prayers at the start of our qualification. I have time to pray fajr on either wake up, or after PT showers...