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    Jtrans Artillery Questions- Merged

    Yes. As stated above the slots are usually pretty limited. Exceed the fitness standard and stand out (in a good way) and you may find yourself jumping out of a plane one day. Fire Discipline, to start with.
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    Mountain Man, Ironman, Iron Sapper, Surf N Turf

    Was planning on competing in MM this year...blew out my knee on one of the ruck runs a couple of months back. Maybe next year!
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    Treatment of gays through BMQ and Service?

    think of the CF as the rest of the population, only smalller. Some might be against it, others will embrace it. But at the end of the day as long as you do your job the ones who hold your sexual orientation against you will likely be the ones criticized and discriminated against. Because let's...
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    C7 Handling Test

    the weapons staff at CFLRS is great. Looking back I wish they had spent more time showing us how to properly clean the C7, but we figured it out eventually. Haha
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    BMQ Question - Trying to hard?

    give it 100%, don't be an a**hole, help your buddies when you can.
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    Dental Tech

    A girl on one of the platooons that graduated 2 weeks before I did was a dental tech. If I'm not mistaken she went straight to Petawawa
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    C7 Handling Test

    It's easy if you know the drill you were taught. The only thing that will mess you up is nerves. Stay frosty and you'll be A-ok.
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    Mobile internet stick @ CFLRS

    I used 500 mb of data in one day that way  :facepalm:
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    Letter of Reference?

    When I first tried to apply I started the process online and had the two reference letters done within a month or so. I was informed that the website was outdated and that I did not need them. It probably doesn't hurt to have them, but I kicked myself for a while because I waited a month for...
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    Question About SQ and Trade specific Training

    knock on wood
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Waters81, you are inspiring.
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    Putting on weight

    I am 6'1" and this time last year I was no more than 180. The year before that, 165 or so. In the last year I did a lot to try to put on weight without having too much of a calorie surplus. It takes time, lots of proper eating and a lot of training (in the 8-12 rep range for bulk, however lower...
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    April 2012

    I put my PAL on my application and it was not even touched on in my interview. Seemed relevant at the time I guess.
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    App closed from last year, when to reapply?

    Call a recruiting centre to get a much more accurate list. If you'd rather not tie up resouces at your local recruiting centre, try the Canadian Forces National Recruiting Contact Centre in North Bay: 1-866-966-8718