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  1. J

    Fire Discipline Challenge

    I'd say the FOO would get 7.5 rounds... then everyone's happy ;)
  2. J

    Probably answered

    Cardston Kid, you are permitted to wear the metal capbadge right now, upon completion of botp.  You do not have to pull the lanyard, due to the fact that there is no PO that requires officers to do so, as opposed to NCM's.  I am currently awaiting DP1.2 and I wear the metal capbadge, and have...
  3. J

    Probably answered

    You can wear the metal capbadge after IAP/BOTP whether ocdt or 2Lt.  You cannot wear the cloth capbadge until you are MOC qualified, that being DP1.2 (ph.4) for reg force and the RAOTP for reserves.  In the last few years, the candidates received their cloth capbadge with their Lt epaulette. 
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    Officer Cadet needing advice

    I recently completed dp1.1 ARTY (PH. 3) last summer. and have a good understanding of what will be covered on DP 1.2 (PH.4).  The only math I needed was simple addition and subtraction.  I dropped grade 12 precalculus in order to take an easier course and didn't take any math in University. ...
  5. J

    September 12th to December 9th Basic

    I have a buddy on that course, Chad Ball, Artillery from Shilo MB.  Good guy.
  6. J

    DEO pay for BOTC

    Everyone will receive 2LT pay from the get go if they are DEO with a degree, a ROTP cadet who was on my course only got Cadet pay, but was backpayed after she completed the course. 
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    1RCHA change of command, last time M109's on parade?

    With the M109s retired, do you think this will be the last time the M109s will be on parade, or is it possible they will be brought out for future parades?
  8. J

    What book are you reading now?

    I'm about to start George Blackburn's "The Guns of Victory" this will be the first book I've read of Blackburn's.  Hopefully it's good, I know he has a few others.
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    how often can we call home durring training?

    What I did was switched my Rogers number to a st. jean/montreal number.  All my family/friends had the after 6:00 free plan.  I would call them, let it ring twice and they would call back and it was free for me because I had unlimited weekend and evening minutes, which are the only time you...
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    The Gagetown Thread- Merged

    What are a bunch of army guys lookin for spa's for anyhow? Go to Dolan's downtown freddy...Great Irish pub. Higher class ladies, more expensve drinks and reat live music.