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    Milpoints bought but not credited

    Awesome, thanks Mike!
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    Milpoints bought but not credited

    I bought $10 worth of milpoints today but I see they haven't been credited to my account.  Has anyone else had this happen?  What did you do?
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    Soldier Missing After Morning Run in Edmonton's River Valley

    Great advice, worth more than :2c:!
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    Soldier Missing After Morning Run in Edmonton's River Valley

    What this usually means is that all reasonable avenues for ground search (which includes waterways) have been covered and the matter will continue to be investigated by the police (interviews, following leads, etc.).  I would expect to see smaller (probably unpublicised) search efforts in the...
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    "The Liberals shall rise again," says Conrad Black

    Perhaps not now, but down the road I would be extremely surprised to NOT see Justin Trudeau as the leader of the Liberal party.
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    Problems and Bugs

    I seem to get this pretty consistently, I'd say about every second time I play.
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    Que. school worker outed as porn star, suspended

    I don't really see this being a problem, there are thousands of unsanctioned facebook groups and fan pages dedicated to various celebrities.  If it was a fake facebook account in her name it may be different, but it's my understanding that it was a group (which I can't seem to find on there so...
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    Ban kirpan from Parliament: Bloc

    +1 on that!  If those in government are so concerned about a Canadian (whom they are supposed to be serving) bringing a knife to parliament then perhaps they should make more of an effort to not give the bearer of that knife a reason to use it!  Parliament is Canadian soil, and I see no reason...
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    Arctic countries draft deal on search and rescue operations

    Accurate charts and a good understanding thereof are essential to any SAR operation! So, back on topic. I'd really like to see a reference for this one, a comparison of the SAR capabilities of the various Arctic countries.  This is not entirely accurate, 440 Squadron in Yellowknife...
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    Arctic countries draft deal on search and rescue operations

    The reason why it looks so much longer on your map is because your map is likely a Mercator projection (the vast majority of wall maps and other rectangular maps use Mercator projections of one variety or another).  This sort of map projection works well for the majority of the world, but it...
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    Blast-resistant boxers keep soldiers safe below waist

    Those things look like chafe-o-matics to me.
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    Problems and Bugs

    I had an issue today.  I went to claim a medal (level 2 maximum combat readiness), and I recieved the "sad panda" error message.  I re-opened the game and I found that, although I had recieved the medal, all of my combat readiness points were taken away (it was full)!  I'm wondering if there's a...
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    Thank you 442 Sqn.!

    http://www.opinion250.com/blog/view/14324/1/search+and+rescue+takes+rest+after+long+night? I doubt that this positive result would have been possible without the crews of Rescue 462 and Rescue 907.  This article really doesn't do it justice (it doesn't even mention the daring night parachute...
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    Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein!!! Oh yes, yes, yes!

    That was the first thing I noticed when I saw the teaser trailer back in February.