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    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    Not legal ones anyways.
  2. Halifax Tar

    A Deeply Fractured US

    Personally, I blame Harper.
  3. Halifax Tar

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    Being a Storesman my steamship isn't BWK standard. What are the advantages of 1 vs 2 anchors, and vice versa?
  4. Halifax Tar

    A Deeply Fractured US

    Citizens are free to relocate to states that more align with their beliefs, no ? Then the residents of those those states that feel the same as your above post need to convince enough people in their states to agree and get that changed, no ? If not the relocate to an area that shares their...
  5. Halifax Tar

    A Deeply Fractured US

    So it's basically moving forward as their system intended it ?
  6. Halifax Tar

    A Deeply Fractured US

    Doesn't this really just put this in the hands of the states to legislate ?
  7. Halifax Tar

    If we went to war?

    Right after I hit "Post reply" I knew that someone would bring up the Ross Rifle lol
  8. Halifax Tar

    Liberal Minority Government 2021 - ????

    I wonder if this could lead to another legal challenge ?
  9. Halifax Tar

    Royal B.C. Museum to be imminently gutted in the name of 'decolonization'

    That's just a fancy name for Sheppard's pie lol
  10. Halifax Tar

    2022 CPC Leadership Discussion: Et tu Redeux

    We share this space. It's a great sound bite but wickedly impractical.
  11. Halifax Tar

    If we went to war?

    Weren't we on the winning side of two world wars in parade boots, puttees, wool battle dress and the finest bolt action rifles ever developed ?
  12. Halifax Tar

    Hockey Canada in the Liberal Crosshairs

    My two brothers were both on full rides hockey at NCAA schools in the US, and they played Junior hockey in Ontario. Not to mention the rep teams ect ect growing up. Hockey has serious problems. And it has to do with behavior and sense of entitlement by players and coaches. And this includes...
  13. Halifax Tar

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    That's not an excuse. And the people of this country need to wake up and demand better.
  14. Halifax Tar

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    I think we all knew this
  15. Halifax Tar

    ‘Bike culture’ enjoys limited receptivity among Canadians

    I have a good voice and a strong knife hand. I can normally solve problems with sharp loud "hey" and single or double knife hand. If not, Im also a tight head prop, and I didn't get this good looking by avoiding physical violence ;)