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    CEOTP (Continuing Ed Officer Trg Plan) 2003-2018 [Merged]

    Evidence: 8 PRBs in a single week last year. One week. Remember, CTs happen for course failure, medical issues, and voluntary withdrawals. 1-3 per course is far from an astronomical figure. We lost one guy on my course. Two from the following. It just happens. The point is getting to MJ does...
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    CEOTP (Continuing Ed Officer Trg Plan) 2003-2018 [Merged]

    Glad to see speculation is still rampant here! For the uninformed: failures still can and do occur both in Portage and Moose Jaw. On average you’ll see 1-3 people CT’d per course in Moose Jaw, I can’t speak to the stats in Portage. It’s just a fact of life, and not something one should really be...
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    "So You Want To Be A Pilot" Merged Thread 2002 - 2018

    I would actually very cautious to send my friends the CEOTO route. Apart from the issues getting into post-grad with the Seneca degree, there's also the very real possibility of release in the event of course failure for CEOTP student pilots. There is a much higher probability of retention for...
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    Blog about pilot training in CF

    I was debating writing up a little piece about PFT as it is these days, I just finished the course up today. However, I'll patiently await powerrussia's take on his experience instead.
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    Best Military Themed Licence Plate Ever?

    Hmmm...a rank tattoo could be seen as a work in progress from Pte --> Sgt and from OCdt --> Capt.  But in either case you'd end up capped out.
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    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

    It's funny how that point is very conveniently looked over every time there's a conversation about the next fighter, isn't it?
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    CFRG and the broken recruiting system-Split

    The slow process experienced by many applicants has been covered by the subject of this thread, so I won't try to beat a dead horse here, but I think the RCs often forget that the recruiting process is two-way; if an applicant has a negative experience with the recruiting process, the CAF will...
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    PLD in BMOQ with Service Spouse

    Spouse CT'd, so no longer a PRes member and not moved. But the body of your quoted ref states: 205.45(12) (Member of service couple posted) A member of a service couple referred to in paragraph (11) who is posted to a new place of duty: [list type=decimal] authorized to move, is entitled to...
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    PLD in BMOQ with Service Spouse

    Was she authorized a move on her CT message? If so, then you are both entitled to 75% PLD.  If no, then the CBI could be interpreted to say that your PLD will stay as is, but could be argued otherwise.  I'd just print off a copy of the relevant CBI and get her to do the PLD request form at her...
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    CEOTP (Continuing Ed Officer Trg Plan) 2003-2018 [Merged]

    Or, a non-serious heart "problem" that is compatible with those requirements.  You'll just have to wait and see.
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    Failing rate for pilots/taux d'échecs pour les pilotes

    You are being told that you should hae a Plan "B" in the event you do not pass pilot training.  In the event you are selected for further processing, you will have to attend Aircrew Selection in Trenton; historically, less than half of the candidates that attend Aircrew Selection pass it. If you...
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    PLD in BMOQ with Service Spouse

    She doesn't pay quarters because she is separated from you, but she is in fact posted to CFLRS for BMOQ and is therefore not entitled to PLD in Halifax.  Her place of primary residence when she enrolled is irrelevant, she is not required by the CAF to maintain a residence in Halifax and so the...
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    I need advice for getting better at sprints

    Hills, hills, hills. If you're looking for top 100m-type sprinting, it's the best bet. Running as fast as you can up the hills best simulates the muscles you use in the early stages of the sprint: quads, calves, and (probably most importantly) the psoas major muscles. These are the muscles that...
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    Drones are just Airpower without the Adult Diapers - Vice News

    My first post was based on a formed opinion I had from years ago, with little research done to amend/update it in years.  So your first assertion was actually more correct, in that I "don't have a clue" about the current thoughts and views on the subject.  Loachman and Dimsum obviously have...
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    Drones are just Airpower without the Adult Diapers - Vice News

    My sincerest apologies for some of the wording in my last post, it was made in haste.  I do not mean to make little of the sacrifices made by our members at all, and I'm sorry you took it that way.  I haven't personally known anyone that lost their life in our Operations, but I do know many that...