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    Rangers Scale of issue

    Is there a scale of issue for the Canadian Rangers?
  2. genesis98

    packing the 82' ruck

    Probably just personal preference but, always make sure the strings are in twards the frame aswell, prevents them from getting snagged on things when your humping through the bush.
  3. genesis98

    Making Canada Relevant Again- The Economic Super-Thread

    6 years ago I was able to make 26 grand in one year as a corporal in the sig reserve.
  4. genesis98

    Trying to start a reserve unit

    They were talking about D Coy armouries
  5. genesis98

    Sad News for those who have done time in Aldershot....

    I've been there atleast 8 times and I can't remember what the inside of the place looked like.... wonder why that is ....
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    Cadpat Bivvy Bags?

    I remember ... *chuckle* Back to the topic at hand. Just because it isn't Cadpat doesn't mean it won't work.
  7. genesis98

    Cadpat Bivvy Bags?

    Probably easier to find your biv, with the olive one ...next they will be issueing cadpat ground sheets.... (I probably shouldn't have mention that)
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    Pyrotechnics - Smoke Pot Hazards

    Just to get some more details on the whole situation involving this incident, were you wearing your FFO during this incident and was your gas mask at your side? Aswell you describe walking through the smoke, were you outside of the smoke area and walked through it or was it carried into your...
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    Reserve Units in Alberta

    That sucks, I may be forced to release. 3 hours is too long of a drive to and from work for me is just not worth the risk of me falling asleep at the wheel.
  10. genesis98

    Reserve Units in Alberta

    Are there any units close to the Hinton Alberta area?
  11. genesis98

    RCA in newfoundland

    After Reading this I decided to use www.archive.org to check an older version of the site to look and see if it was listed there, and here is the result. http://web.archive.org/web/20051227041630/regiments.org/regiments/na-canada/volmil/nf-arty/nf-166.htm 1941.11.15  166th (Newfoundland)...
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    RCA in newfoundland

    So how many "Guns" does 56 have? I've only seen 2 down on Station.
  13. genesis98

    RCA in newfoundland

    Which brings me to another question, are they the only non Artillery unit in Canada to use "the guns" ?
  14. genesis98

    RCA in newfoundland

    I was told by someone that there used to be a RCA unit in St. John's Newfoundland, anybody know if there is any truth to this?
  15. genesis98

    LSVW Wiper Blade Size?

    Sounds like a job for a tape measure and a Private?