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    Soldier fined for mailing guns from Afghanistan

    Wpns Techs aren't certified gunsmiths unless they've done civie trg on their own. They can do the work but a gunsmith has to do the paperwork. We just went through this get a Lee Enfield deactivated. Its not easy to get wpns back to Canada even if they're going to a Battalion's lines, the...
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    OD Merino Wool Watch Cap - $13.97 @ Sierra Trading Post

    Ordered one of these yesterday. I've got one of the green-ish TAD Merino Watch Caps, they go for $30 and are a bit too thin for the winters here. This one looks a bit more like our issue one so it'll keep the Sgt Maj from giving me dirty looks...
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    Michael Yon on Canadians, Menard, (violating) OPSEC [merged]

    I think the only cover ups are when Mike Yon steps on his dick then tries to do damage control by pointing fingers at everyone except himself. He has developed friends in high places so he gets away with a lot. He has learned a bit as he won't say anything negative about the 5/2 Stryker...
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    Cancun Vacation Recommendations

    I just got back from the Barcelo Maya Palace in the Mayan Riviera area south of Cancun. We flew into the Cancun airport and Air Canada Vacations drove us down. The resort is huge and it is only a few years old. Its in a complex with four other Barcelo resorts. I'd highly recommend it if you...
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    CNN 'Campbell Brown' show segment on Fort Irwin Training Tonight - 21 Dec 09

    Theres a segment on the trg at Fort Irwin tonight on CNN's 'Campbell Brown' show at 2100hrs Atlantic. Figured this is relevant as TF 1-10 is going through the trg there this winter...
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    One of the worst extra duties ever....

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    In Theater TCCC Pouch

    Ever hear of the TCCC Pouches being taken away from people when their qualification expires???
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    Provincial Reconstruction Team

    No, but due to the flood of Americans into our AO (I think its still ours) trying to define the role of the different parts of our organization is like trying to nail jello to the wall.
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    Provincial Reconstruction Team

    The PRT Force Protection Coy (now two Coys) are responsible for escorting around the reconstruction folks so they can do their job, QRF call outs (pretty much daily), patrolling Kandahar city and securing the approaches to Kandahar City. They get sucked into ops out in other districts as well.
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    Tac Vest does not make the grade.

    Theres another .pdf document makings its way around now with pictures and more detail.
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    The Atlantic Afganistan Articles

    There are a bunch of Afghanistan articles at the below link from an embedded journalist, Graeme Wood. A bunch are with the TF 1-09 Van Doo BG. Some contain videos, they're worth a read. http://correspondents.theatlantic.com/graeme_wood/
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    Alleged police attack may nix soldier's Afghan tour

    Having lived in Fredericton pretty much all my life and having been in the CF since 1998 in the Fredericton/Gagetown area, there is a bit of tension between the Fredericton City Police and the Army. There have been soldiers garrisoned in Fredericton for a very long time, British and Canadian...
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    Sierra Designs CADPAT Jackets

    The Sierra Designs jacket is like the Sleeka, but with a hood and in CADPAT. Apparently they're coming out with a newer version soon, too bad theres nothing on the internet about it yet.
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    Sierra Designs CADPAT Jackets

    Does anyone have any info on the Sierra Designs military line? Their CADPAT insulated jackets just showed up today in the 2 RCR Kit Shop, they're well built but I'd like to research them before dropping $250 on one.
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    MEC ACU Products

    Well the US Army is crazy for picking that pattern, so that's partly true.