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    RIP Lt. Andrew Nuttall

    You will be missed by many brother. RIP Sir. Been listening to a mix he made and put up on his blog here http://www.nuttman.info/ :salute: "Maybe the daily drudgery of life is a lot like open-water swimming; you fight to stay afloat, move as fast as you can to avoid sinking, and head for the...
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    missmague, good luck on getting into the MOC of your choice :) Glad the CFAT went well.
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    Struggling [ Chin-ups]

    According to http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/lf/english/1_3_1_5.asp
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    The 'misunderestimated' president?

    The 'misunderestimated' president? All politicians are prone to make slips of the tongue in the heat of the moment - and President George W Bush has made more than most. The word "Bushism" has been coined to label his occasional verbal lapses during eight years in office, which come to an end...
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    What would happen if the STOP sign was invented in 2008?

    That was great! :) "I think we need a complete call to action so people know exactly what to do" lol!
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    The Internet's Undersea World

    Found this interesting map. Enjoy http://world-secure-channel.com/uploads/map_cables(1).jpg
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Congratulations Kebel, on the smooth process!
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    Congratulations Stirling Dyer:) See you on Jan 19th!
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    I am vexed

    How about taking a cab to the CFRC? Make sure you leave early regardless.
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    World War 3 is underway

    <sarcasm relating to posts related to BMQ/BMOQ> If WW3 starts, are we allowed to bring our laptops? What about ipods? Will there be wireless hotspots active during WW3? I have already done a search and could not find anything regarding bringing i-pods to WW3. Thanks in advance. </sarcasm> ;D
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    Good luck ladies and gents. Make the most of it. :) I'll be joining ada in getting nervous for the Jan 19th course :)
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    Pushups- Try Reading Here First- Merged Thread

    Just an FYI - the hundredpushups.com site has a different method of doing pushups than what is on the DND site: http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/lf/english/1_3_1_5.asp Canadian Forces Site: Hundredpushups.com: The CF standard seems to be closer to a close-grip bench press, which has involves...
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    Basic Up

    NICE. I loved the first season. As an aside, when I initially did a search for Basic Up 2 on YouTube, my first hit was: "Basic Make Up lesson 2"  ;D
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    Red Flagged Trades

    As mentioned several times in these boards, every case is different. If you look at the Application Samples post, you will see that some people are merit listed a few weeks after application, while others are still waiting for their interview a few years after application. Do yourself a favour...
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    Red Flagged Trades

    You do not need to view the profile to send someone a PM. Just find a post by ComdCFRG and click on the icon for PM that is on the left under the nickname.