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    Congratulations on Your Military Service… Now Here Are 9 Reasons Why I Won’t Hire You

    I really lucked out in my transition. I was a military firefighter, part of my job was conducting inspections and I was even an instructor teaching it. TransitionEd to a full time prevention inspector for a large municipal fire service. It was a lot of studying as CAF uses national codes vice...
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    PTSD diagnosis

    I know for me personally things did move pretty quick. I contacted VAC in August last year, in September I had an appointment in an OSI clinic where they confirmed my diagnosis of PTSD, among other things. I had one hiccup where VAC said the clinic didn't submit the paperwork, they had that is...
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    12 months for determination?

    I had an assessment done in September and had everything submitted. Received word from VAC that they didn't get anything from the clinic. I had the clinic re submit everything in December, got confirmation from my case manager that they received it on the 15th, and then a note on the 19th that...
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    12 months for determination?

    My Case Manager just this week told me a minimum of 12 months before I hear anything.
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    All Things CF Firefighter (merged)

    The main issue for supervisors is that most of them (us) had over 20 years service and were of the age where we had to make a decision to either stick with the military until 60 or get out when we did. That was my options. The trade has a huge gap between the people with 10 years service and 20...
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    All Things CF Firefighter (merged)

    Scuba Dave, Postings change constantly so what is available now will probably be changed by the time you get on course. What has happened before (and each CM is different) is that the CM will give a list of bases available part way through the course. People are then given sometime to think...
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    All Things CF Firefighter (merged)

    Danteh, I served, as a firefighter at Greenwood, Shearwater and Borden prior to getting out. Different bases had different ideas about the 24 hour shift, some places only needed one day leave because your work day is 24 hours. This is the answer we had back in Shearwater when we looked at going...
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    All Things CF Firefighter (merged)

    One thing to remember is that many halls you have to come in on days off for certain things such as dental appointments, range qualifications, even some trade required training (such as first aid etc). We are required to have a certain level of manning and if we are over they maybe able to cover...
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    All Things CF Firefighter (merged)

    I retired from the fire trade last year. I know there were some changes they were working on. The basic fire fighter course is around 7 months long. Once you start training the only breaks are for summer block leave or Christmas block leave depending on when your course starts. I know before...
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    CFB Comox Firefighter dies in car accident

    I believe the name will be released very soon. Its starting to make its rounds on Facebook but don't want to say who it is yet. But I believe I put him through his 3's course. RIP. You were one of the good ones.
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    Shearwater Old Runway 16H/34H Recent News

    Sorry, wrong information.
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    Pension Transfer Value / Lump Sum Pymt [Merged]

    I retired 1 Oct and just received my pension mid December. I haven't heard anything about my severance pay yet (I didn't take anything before). My service was pretty simple 23 years reg force and maybe a year reserves, many many years ago. My only hiccup was I filled out all the forms the...
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    IE 20 and Imediate Pension at 20 years service

    I just released on the first of October. I was on the old plan and then took my IPS. Shortly after releasing, probably the beginning of November, I received an email from the pension office asking if I wanted to take my pension as a monthly payment, role it into a new pension, or defer it until...
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    Pension Transfer Value / Lump Sum Pymt [Merged]

    I released in Sept with my final day after retirement leave the 1st of Oct. I was told the severance pay would be sometime in January (maybe). I had not taken anything before as PIL. As far as my pension I haven't received anything yet and someone who released a week before was told his would be...
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    SAR Tech

    The first female SAR Tech graduated in 1998, I believe, she just recently retired. There is also at least one other that I'm aware of. I also believe that they would not graduate people for the sake of numbers.