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It's only with age I realize how lucky I've been.
2Lt (Ret)
4RCR (1977-1980)
Military Experience
3 years
Peel Regional Police 1980-1986 Constable
CSIS 1986-2006
Peel Regional Police 2007-2009 Civilian
RBC Financial Intelligence Unit 2010-2011
Sr Investigative Officer Govt of Ontario 2013-2016
Investigator Ontario College of Teachers 2017-


An officer in The Canadian Guards should at all times, by intelligent study, conscientious application to his work and continual observation, seek to make himself so competent, so confident and so correct in all matters connected with the Profession of Arms that if he were to state in the presence of any military audience that "Pigs have wings", he would at once be both understood and believed. The wise officer, of course, will weigh all his statements carefully before he makes them. (ASAG 1960)


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