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    Phase 2 Pilot wait time

    Perhaps you can be more specific?  Are you referring to wait times between Phase I and Phase II? My Phase I was Jan-Feb 2014, did one-week Aeromedical course end of March, then reported to MJ for Phase II mid-April. Barely any gap at all!  Managed to finish up Phase II just before X-mas, now...
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    RUMINT of Canada wanting more C-17's

    Feb 2014, group of us at 3CFFTS were told - straight from the mouth of Lt. Gen Blondin - that with the funds available, it was going to have to be a choice btwn a 5th C-17, or a 'convertible' full-motion simulator base in Trenton with slide-out cockpits for both C-17 and Polaris.  Looks like...
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    CAF Pilots: Flying for Recreation

    Thanks for the great info, bigzoomie. I'm in a very similar situation, except had CPL(A) with Multi-IFR prior to military (many moons ago, with heavy dust on the licence). Like Watchdog, also just finished Phase II and got selected Helo (1st choice!) and looking very much forward to soon being...
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    Aircrew (Re)Selection

    Sorry for delay, Gunshark... Yes, farther along now. Phase 2 in Moose-Jaw done. Hanging upside-down in the straps of the Harvard was FUN!! Got selected heli's, my first choice! Ideally hoping for SAR Cormorant, but that's a ways off still. Back to Portage in June for Phase 3. In the mean-time...
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    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    Here's hoping the April/2015 re-calc  (according to final pages of the SOW pdf) will include some new cities? I'm Reg Force on OJT at a Reserve unit (Rocky Mtn Rangers B-Coy, Prince George BC) with a COL undoubtedly above the current baseline. Kamloops (Rocky Mtn Rangers A-Coy) and Kelowna (BC...
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    Current backlog for flight training?

    I just swore in this past mid-Aug, did BMOQ starting late-August. Finished up and got posted 'home' for OJT on Dec 6th, Phase I flight at Portage started Jan 7th.  I was only home 4 weeks!  After Portage (finished March 7) was home less than 2 weeks, then back to Winnipeg for AMT, which is...
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    Aircrew (Re)Selection

    Nothing other than the 'Practise CFAT' that's linked from the main Forces.ca site. Designed to be something you *can't* really study for! Lol. It's an Aptitude test...  Just go in well rested and knock it out! While the process isn't effortless, it certainly is doable. BMOQ done, commission...
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    CF seeking 3 or 4 manned fixed-wing ISR planes

    NOW you're talkin'!!  Go Buff!    Only 1200 lb mission package?  That would leave LOTSA room for aux fuel... Then talk about loiter time! You're absolutely right in that we got hosed on the sub deal...  Spent more time in the garage so far than that 'ol vintage MG project few of us got...
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    CF seeking 3 or 4 manned fixed-wing ISR planes

    Budget version of the P-8 Poseidon? http://www.casr.ca/ai-boeing-msa-global-express.htm    (Speculated/proposed) http://www.casr.ca/ai-boeing-msa-challenger.htm          (Selected) Made-in-Canada solution?  Or izzat too simple? Wonder if the Brits ever found a buyer for their lightly-used...
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    Current backlog for flight training?

    Zero backlog = Happy Campers!  ;D
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    BMOQ-AUG 26th

    You outta New West?  I was there on 14th for swearing-in, and when talking about the short notice, Captain said they said they have one person gonna be *super-last-minute* for this group.  Sounds like you fit the bill! Lol
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    MS Office vs OpenOffice for the CAF & DND (From: The Defence Budget)

    ...and not a word (thus far) about iOS?  Moved my whole household Mac years ago, and will never look back.  Worked with hard-core (and even some custom) UNIX stations at university.  Once I found out that Apple stuff was actually bullet-proof UNIX with a nicer user screen with pretty icons, that...
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    Aircrew (Re)Selection

    Hardly effortless...  BUT The process *is* what you make it.  The criteria are spelled out pretty well, so if you're somewhat bright, physically fit, have a clean lifestyle, clean credit and a clean criminal record then you can expect to pass most of the required steps. It just isn't QUICK...
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    DEO 2013 financial year

    Warning!  Humor forthcoming! In my ACS group in May, there was this fella who's been in Reserves quite a while. Said last year, buncha them packed into several Hercs and blasted down to Alabama (or some such place) for some joint exercises with our bretheren down a-yonder.  Hercs took off and...
  15. Duckman54

    June 24 DEO Pilot Selection

    Got my call this morning, finally!  No explanation to the massive delay compared to other recruit centres. DEO Pilot. See some you Aug 26th! 'Greg.