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    Tan Combat Boots: Break-in before deployment

    We where told we could where the issue tan boots a few months prior to deployment to break them in this was TF108 never bothered cause I bought swats ;D put them on over seas no breaking in the issue boots are too damn heavy.
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    How to Maintain Skills and Unit Cohesion while on PRes Shutdown

    Get a hold of all the main PAMS,PTand local range all these can be done  by the individual soldier.I'm waiting to hear this week if my PLQ is canceled.One video to check out  is Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Tactical Carbine.Throw that in with the movies and boring ethics :).Also add paint ball...
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    Weapons You Have Seen In Locations You Did Not Expect To See Them

    Back in 97 I did range clearance in wainwright for the new ATS there we cleared alot of ranges we pick up everything from ball to 84mm collected a few mags, a brit bayonet.The most interesting item was this lining and handle to close the door of the car, the whole plastic part that snaps onto...
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    Pte Alexandre Péloquin, Killed in Afghanistan by IED- 08 June 2009

    http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20090608/afghan_soldier_090608/20090608?hub=TopStories Canadian soldier killed by IED in Afghanistan Updated Mon. Jun. 8 2009 2:25 PM ET CTV.ca News Staff A Canadian soldier on foot patrol in southern Afghanistan was killed Monday by an...
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    M/Cpl Vernelli, Cpl Tyler Crooks, Trooper Bouthillier,Trooper Hayes- RIP

    RIP. To the rest of the Task Force chins up and push through!
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    Issued Kit SMELLS

    Ah the smell of the army!My ground sheet is airing out in the garage after I pulled it out after the sandbox eww.time to exchange had it for 13 yrs now.
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    Bullet Flight 1.0.0 - Sniper App for your iPhone

    So its like a range card and a mildot master all in one.
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    FS HSGI Wasatch tan

    I have a HSGI Wasatch tan for sale! new never used $200.00 OBO Pictures to come.
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    I have a copy of the warrior handbook got it back in 96,wish they'd bring it back.I still have my gold badge. ;)
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    The Other Side of the Fence.- Does HLTA Hurt A Marriage More Than It Helps?

    It is hard coming home for HLTA on this past roto 5. I came home which is Edmonton and moved my family to Chilliwack.( I'm a reservist ) It was very hard coming home packing up, driving a u haul truck all the way to the wack!Unloading spending almost a week there driving back in my pick up, few...
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    Capt. Robert Semrau Charged With Murder in Afghanistan

    Read the comments on CBC and CTV they are like different side of a tennis court ::)
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    Capt. Robert Semrau Charged With Murder in Afghanistan

    http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20081231/inmsurgent_death_081231/20081231?hub=TopStories under investigation Updated Wed. Dec. 31 2008 12:06 PM ET CTV.ca News Staff The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service is investigating whether proper procedures were followed...