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    "The true enemy: human tribalism"

    Sorry, I don't seem to be able to edit it that I can see. Maybe someone else can do it?
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    "The true enemy: human tribalism"

    I agree it would be somewhat similar to the Masons. Vastly more secretive, and state sponsored. They'd also have to actively recruit! No to be one ask one. They'd have to push. Of course Masons are often mentioned in the same breath as Zionists. They are obviously a threat to what extremists...
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    "The true enemy: human tribalism"

    I agree for the most part, that is why I put in the caveat of there being tolerance for that in the scope of a larger war. However, I believe that in the long run it is against our strategic interest. I'm not advocating specifically military destruction of all despots by us at once, however, I...
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    "The true enemy: human tribalism"

    I'd have to agree. I think that's one of the most ignorant things I've read in a while. Do we declare a war on tribalism now? A natural human tendency. Maybe we should declare wars on emotions too. Anger is our enemy! The nation (state or stateless), or the ideology that threatens our nation...
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    http://www.ejectejecteject.com/archives/000172.html Interesting read. I'd cut and paste (I tried) but it's too long. Highly recommended!
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    "Hijab Dispute Could Be Behind Girl's Death, Friends Say"

    Alright. Having just looked that up, I found that it is not legal to kill ones wife in either Colombia or Brazil anymore. It is still legal in Haiti and then any other country mentioned it being legal or frequently practiced in is a Muslim nation. And outside of these nations it is most commonly...
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    "Hijab Dispute Could Be Behind Girl's Death, Friends Say"

    Wide problems need wide brushes. This is a cultural problem and needs a cultural solution. Those who advocate continuing it on a case by case basis are not seeing the bigger picture and are in fact pushing a trend that allows it to continue. It is very much along the line of those who say...
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    "Hijab Dispute Could Be Behind Girl's Death, Friends Say"

    Agreed. This is one issue that the west in particular should stand tall and strong on. This not acceptable behavior. This is an issue that must be dealt with swiftly and broadly. It must be shown that it is far more shameful to kill and injure those you care about. The logic should be that the...
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    "Hijab Dispute Could Be Behind Girl's Death, Friends Say"

    I just wanted to state that honour killings are indeed a problem, and have been documented at places like littlegreenfootballs.com .So much a problem that the Turkish government (as can be seen in one of the stories listed below) has been cracking down on the practice. The Brits are looking into...
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    "Hijab Dispute Could Be Behind Girl's Death, Friends Say"

    Sure does. Protects them from getting strangled.
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    Majority of Afghans want ISAF soldiers to stay!

    The magical flowers are called poppies. What a fully controlled narco tyranny it would be too. Maybe we can ship the CBC there.
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    Cyber attacks/defence/incdents (merged)

    I'd have to agree it was likely the citizenry who conducted this. However, I would not put it off the table that the Russians may have funded (purchased) this attack. It has been done many times and will be done again.
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    Supreme Ruler 2010

    I tried playing it a while ago. I think I got frustrated from the UI and I really didn't understand the mechanics of the game. Perhaps I'll give it another try.
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    Brave New War

    http://www.amazon.com/Brave-New-War-Terrorism-Globalization/dp/0471780790 Just curious if anyone has picked up this book? I am going to. MILTECH Brave New War "Globalization is quickly layering new skill sets on ancient mindsets. Warriors, in our current context of global guerillas, are not...
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    COIN Explained So a 5th Grader Can Understand It - Almost

    Good read. Very interesting concepts, even in the comments. I hadn't thought of using gravity to explain it. I do however think more emphasis must be placed, maybe visualized somehow, on deprogramming. That dimension is what is missing in this gravity well competition. I do like the idea of...