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    Pretty nice digs - 443 Squadron (RCN Fleet Air Arm)

    There is an engine bay, about 10 times the size of the old one.  I have no idea what the plan is for 2nd line engine support once we're into the new airframe, but we'll have the Sea King shop running for a while yet.
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    Shearwater 12 Wing

    We get new folks out of QL3 here, plus a smattering of Shearwater folks and a few off fleet pers as well.  I feel that it would be more beneficial to roll people out here once they've spent some time in Shearwater, but moving people cross country gets pricey so we do our best to bring people up...
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    Aviation Systems Technician ( AVN Tech )

    Welcome to the blue side.
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    Air Weapons System Technician (AWS TECH)

    Crap, just realized you had asked about AWS, I read AVS and wrote a long irrelevant post which I have just chopped. I've been on the Sea King fleet since they stood AWS up again and we really haven't seen much of them yet.  Sorry for the wasted post.  I really can't offer much of value for life...
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    Aviation Systems Technician ( AVN Tech )

    Happy to answer your questions as well.
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    Canadian Forces Trait Self Descriptive Personality Inventory

    One of our AVS Cpls has an OT in for Flight Engineer, and he was just asked to do one.  First I'd ever seen of it.
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    WO Ralph Hartlen 1955-2012

    Sad to hear, I worked with Ralph for a few months in Greenwood.  He was a real character.  RIP big guy.
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    Looking for T58 Tech

    For sure.  I hope you catch a break.
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    Looking for T58 Tech

    It looks like we'll be hanging on to the Sea King for a good while yet, I don't think you'll have much luck getting any surplus gear from the RCAF as it stands.  Parts can be hard enough for us to scrounge up as it is.  I really couldn't say what sort of process would be involved once things are...
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    Aviation Systems Technician ( AVN Tech )

    PT depends again on where you work.  If you're in a shop/office or second line job, it's usually not tough to get away a couple times/week to train.  First line work is always at the mercy of the flying program.  423 Sqn is the first place I've been employed where the flypro has been adjusted to...
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    Aviation Systems Technician ( AVN Tech )

    There is a bit of info on the site if you feel like digging through some of the existing threads.  You will find that work schedules  vary greatly depending on where you're at.  People working in first line jobs are subject to the flying program and will frequently work any manner of odd...
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    CAF Specialist Pay [Spec Pay]- All Trades [MERGED]

    I'm on my thirteenth year in the trade, people have been getting promoted quickly for about 5 years now.  I have seen promotions to MCpl with only one Cpl PER, on more than one occasion.  Any Cpl who wants to progress can.  It will slow eventually, but things are a bit ridiculous now...
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    PT to improve rope climbing

    Try hanging a towel over a chin up bar and using an all around grip on the towel like it was a rope.... chin ups like this will smoke your hands and forearms.  Grapplers often use this  to improve grip strength, it's worked well for me.  It won't replace good rope climbing mechanics, but it...