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    Talk about Racist and Sexist!

    I have a feeling this will happen next election. No one really cared, figured whats the worst the wacko's could do? Now we know.
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    Talk about Racist and Sexist!

    Woah here. This isn't the Universities decision. This is the Student Association. I've had two classes today, both profs have said they're ashamed to be associated with this madness. I expect my next prof will say the same. Hell, the President of the university sent an email out to the students...
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    :rofl: Wow....real mature there buddy, seriously, I'd say more, but the rest have beat me to it.
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    Motorcycles in Pet?

    Or car insurance if its a newer car and you're under 25. Bastards.
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    wew to much stuf

    El Watto: Thats a bit better, try using capitals at the beginning of your sentences and people would be much appreciative. Really, please take your time when you post. It makes things so much easier on every one involved. And you're already doing better than when you started. Now I saw you had a...
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    INTENSE movie coming out, 300!

    Hells yeah, I'm listening to it right now. Great stuff. Nope, but the trailers are crap compared, it is amazing.
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    What's your gas price? 2.0

    Theoretically.... 100.6 all over Nepean at the moment.
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    The air cadet thread

    Right, but as some Sqn's use Cpl's as section commanders currently, it doesn't make sense to have them all changed to Sgts. In effect, you would have FCpl's holding positions junior to the ones that were previously held by Cpl's. In any event it will vary from unit to unit.
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    Cadet long service medal

    05 for Army(I think, could be wrong), 06 for Air.
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    The air cadet thread

    Problem with making them section commanders is you cut the number of Sgt's required. If you made all FCpl's section commanders, that leaves the Flt Sgt as a Sgt and thats it. A good balance to me would see to be FSgt as Flt IC, Sgt as Flt Com and #1 Section IC, FCpl as #2 and #3 section IC, and...
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    Punk Rock Fans

    AVRIL!!! Now c'mon, don't be so harsh, I'm not THAT nuts. ;)
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    Punk Rock Fans

    Bad Religion Queens of the Stone Age Flogging Molly(bit softer, but still good stuff) Anti-Flag(for that extreme leftist view) The Atari's Sum 41 Billy Talent Rise Against Pearl Jam(if not really punk, not far off) Green Day Alexisonfire Mostly I prefer more along the old pop-punk lines like...
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    What's your gas price? 2.0

    97.4 in Ottawa, and I managed to find a station that was out of regular and as such was selling supreme for that price. So I've got a full tank of 91 octane for the price of regular. I guess some good comes of this after all. :D
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    What's your gas price? 2.0

    We were at 00.0 a couple days ago at all the Esso's, but since they've all got gas. We're hitting 95.2 as of half an hour ago here in Ottawa. Not as good as it was, but every time I see the price elsewhere I thank god its as cheap as it is.
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    The woes of glasses as an air cadet & the possible non-LASIK salvation.

    But if you can't see an obstacle at all because your vision is crap, your reaction time won't matter. In effect, there has to be a line somewhere, if you're just below 20/20, why should they let you fly and not the guy just below you? A minimum is needed, and rightly or wrongly, the CF decided...