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    The Sandbox and Areas Reports Thread December 2008

    I'm very interested to see these munk debates but there aren't any cineplex theatres around here. If anyone is going to go watch them, could they post on here how they turned out?
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    Ideas for Unit Christmas Mess Diner

    Well it was inevitable, I have finally been plucked as the sacrificial NCM to organize the unit's mess diner. Most on here would probably agree that if it wasn't for the booze they can be pretty boring. I'm looking for ideas to make this Christmas diner more exciting, memorable, or at least 'not...
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    Regimental nicknames of the Canadian Forces

    Something I stumbled upon while looking up 'chicken f%@ker' for a presentation. For your enjoyment http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regimental_nicknames_of_the_Canadian_Forces#Non-regimental_nicknames
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    WOW! 10, 000 posts for George Wallace

    Wow, I haven't been here for a while. I say at 16, 000 posts George becomes a milnet.ca 'artifact'  ;D
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    Cpl. Andrew Grenon, Cpl. Mike Seggie and Pte. Chad Horn - 2 PPCLI - Killed in Kandahar 3 Sep 08- 5 Wounded

    condolences to the families of the fallen and all my best wishes to those wounded  :salute:
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    New Army.ca Game (HEADLINES)

    The troops were in for a surprise when commerad WO told them that they were going out to the parade square to 'pound the pavement'.
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    New Army.ca Game (HEADLINES)

    *in Russian accent* .... In soviet Russia, sledge hammer 'handles' YOU.
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    UVIC threads on Recruiting, Protests & Students against War

    A little follow up. The UVSS meeting minutes were updated since this whole fiasco started If you are bored; get off on reading about protocol; or genuinely want to read this stuff you can check it out here http://www.uvss.uvic.ca/index.php?page=meeting-minutes for the 24 Sept 07 ; 17 Oct 07...
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    Signal Operators?

    Yes there were too many QL3's without their 404s (we had a 22 Rad-Van convoy!). I don't blame the staff. I blame CFSCE  ;D
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    Warning regarding Big Bad John (John Melvin Hill)

    (seriousness of the matter aside) Your AAR
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    The Ten Manliest Firearms

    My thoughts exactly. How about this for #10 of the 'Womanliest' guns  ;D *snicker, snicker*
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    Warning regarding Big Bad John (John Melvin Hill)

    Moe, Wasn't he at the Meet and Greet in Kingston this summer?
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    Signal Operators?

    I second that, totally. This is exactly what happened to me... except I was on my QL5 course. And in the school's infinite wisdom they combined the QL3 and QL5 course for the final field EX. I was supposed to be the det commander but none of by QL3 crew had their 404's for LSVW, so I was also...
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    The Ten Manliest Firearms

    ...7, 6, 5... How long before Army Vern jumps on here makes fun of our libido insecurity for huge honking guns? Well, I say no Vern. I don't need to compensate for my er... caliber whether a .22 or a .50 it doesn't matter, with my aim the target is 'going down' no matter what.  
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    Cpl Mathew McCully Foundation

    I'm not an advocate of this site, I just stumbled across a video on youtube about this foundation and was moved emotionally. The guy was a fellow soldier and jimmy. I just thought I would bring it to the attention of the forum. Website: Still underconstuction...