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    Ottawa soldier alleges he faced reprisals from military

    Very interesting how an independent reviewer could come with totally different conclusion from the chain of command. Also the same CDS who was involved in the Adm. Norman case and received pay increase shortly after... People may wonder who is credible or not here...
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    New miniseries about inception of the SAS

    I was googling abt this and found there is another noteworthy british tv series: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/sas-who-dares-wins/on-demand/60652-001
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    Expedited Reserve Enrollment (ERE) process [Merged]

    I'm wondering what's your timeline, how long it takes to get the security clearance etc because I might be in the same position..cheers
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    Party Flight and Threat on Journalist

    Old news reappearing: The effort to silence journalist in this case was alarming, considering the senior leadership allegedly involved: Link removed per guidelines, https://navy.ca/forums/threads/99046.0.html
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    VAdm Norman - Supply Ship contract: Legal fight

    What abt Gen. Vance's involvement? Nobody seems to discuss it here? He seems pretty involved in this too.๐Ÿคจ 'I own it': Vance says decision to suspend Mark Norman was his, not PM's http://flip.it/zvo-S7
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    Basic Up

    How many seasons are there? Is there an option for english and french audio/subtitle? Did you have to pay $5 or more for the ATIP request? Thank you for the info