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    Dress During Final Release Appt

    The decimal distances really drive home your point, although I don't think it's the one you were trying to make. That being said, 412 and AETE are both operational flying units based in Ottawa (and thus employ all manner of 'orrible flight suited jaywalkers). This seems like it's talking about...
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    Dress During Final Release Appt

    My vote is: Furniture vs. The Pilots (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Flight Suit) I feel like this is kinda my fault, sorry MJP.
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    Dress During Final Release Appt

    For sure, 3Bs would be much better if they fit. I’m tall and thin. How, in a service of primarily young men (for whom this build is not uncommon), can I not get a short sleeve shirt that fits correctly? Harkening back to the authority thing, in no way do I project more...
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    Dress During Final Release Appt

    That seems like a very “army” solution, don’t you think? “The pilots don’t like DEU? They prefer their Nomex PJs? Well, we have just the solution. More DEU!”
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    Dress During Final Release Appt

    Maybe I'm biased, but your guys' 3s/1As look waaaay better than the RCAF ones. Also, DEUs as punishment is partially a pilot quirk. The schools use it a lot as a "you messed up", so being the only guy in DEU feels like a screwup (parades etc are different). The same goes for CADPAT; you have to...
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    The Post-pandemic Canadian Armed Forces

    Where's the pay freeze rumour coming from? Does it apply to civil servants, given that we mimic their pay? (cause PSAC is done negotiating and will be livid)
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    Non-Commissioned Pilots in the RCAF Discussion

    From a new pilot perspective, I think we need to go the other way. The multi-engine course is super short; it's basically an exposure course. 5 clearhood (basic aircraft handling) rides, test, 2 night flights, 2 nav trips, 2 round robins, 2 cross countries, final test. I have less than 50 hours...
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    TOP Aces - 414 EWS Alphajets soon to be replaced by F-16

    I'm referring to the Aussie cast-offs, which went from good idea fairy to chequebook before anyone could even say "but you need 3 quotes".
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    TOP Aces - 414 EWS Alphajets soon to be replaced by F-16

    I mean, we made a very similar purchase for a very similar price (excluding upgrades), and that was decided seemingly at the drop of a hat :whistle:
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    NCM Regard for Officers; Army vs RCAF vs RCN

    Well, the "doctrine" reason for that is fairly simple, and isn't pay or WWI tradition. It comes down to formal authority. Aircrew exist to take aircraft over the horizon and do the Queen's (very indirect) bidding. That requires authority for decision making beyond arms reach of the CoC, which...
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    Smart Weapons Need to Be Smarter No missiles should shoot down civilian airline

    Well, there's other ways to ID your targets than just by what they say they are, called Non-Cooperative Target Recognition (NCTR). It's all very technical stuff, but in a broad sense you can identify radar targets via specific characteristics of their return. Makes it hard to pretend your big...
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    USAF Woes

    I imagine those will be the the ones that didn't get re-winged. 173 got new wings out of 282. Stands to reason those 109 that didn't will be retired. As to why they didn't re-wing all of them, its role has been somewhat cannibalized. On the high end (non permissive environments, "smart bomb"...
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    You Want To Be A Pilot : 2018 - present

    You'll have to Phase I if you don't have a CPL or equivalent. Either way, you're going to have to relearn how to fly, on Phase I or Phase II. I thought civvie flying would prepare me...no way b'y.
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    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    Yeah, but the good idea fairies were trying to explain to lil ole me how their plans for FaCT could be leveraged for Ph IV/FLIT. Nothing official, I was just a chatty student talking to tours. Still, it struck me as weird. Especially cause they also tried to convince me the majority of my...
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    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    PC-21 and King Air 350 seem likely. No idea for Ph I, Ph IV/FLIT, or helo. Planes change as we juggle requirements. When the actual bidding time comes around, we'll see what they go for. I've heard some interesting (and not the good kind of interesting) ideas from some of the players. Things...