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    IMAX Rescue

    For those living in the Halifax area, Bayer's Lake will be showing 'Rescue'- a feature showing the multinational efforts in Haiti after the earthquake. As some of you know, HMCS Athabaskan and Halifax (and AthaB's Air Det) played a significant role, as did many other CF personnel...
  2. Bograt

    What happens if you are sworn in as a pilot, but failed a course (ex. phase 2,3)

    Max, I have known two who washed out due to leadership- possibly three. And 10-12 hours you work I call bullsh*t unless you call making pop corn work. ;)
  3. Bograt

    AF Spouses

    I brought my wife to Moose Jaw. i also have two young kids, so we (my wife and I) decided to to do Phase II together. She gave up her job and we moved to big sky country. Luckily, our neighbours quickly became our closest friends and she settled in well. She quickly understood what phase II was...
  4. Bograt

    Air Navigators

    There is the possibility that your life as a NAV will not involve you leaving the ground. It is my limited understanding that ACSO will have the responsibility of UAVs. I believe the first pipes from CFANS (1CFFTS now ??) have been streamed into that community. Also it appears now with the...
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    Pilot Timeline

    I am curious to know the status of the PFT extended course. Anyone have gen on this programme? For those waiting to go to the Big 2, it could be worse, you could be in Moose Jaw (and in Bandit) in February. ;) I know many of you are chomping at the bit. Don't worry, MJ will come- then you...
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    Canadian Forces feeling strain over 2010 security

    Cyclone- nope, but if I were a betting man I would expect to see Sea Kings.
  7. Bograt

    Ceremony to mark the re-formation of 414 Electronic Warfare Support Squadron

    I disagree. The CF has identified a requirement for more robust EW training capability. However since the unfortunate demise of 434 we do not have the assets. We do not have the pilots, aircraft, or maintainers. We do have skilled ASCO's. (Can't believe I said that). I think this is a proud...
  8. Bograt

    Cormorant problems

    Wondering out loud if it wouldn't be more cost effective to buy/lease another 2-3 and purchase a CAT D sim for here in Canada. How many a/c hours could be shifted to SAR if more work was done in the box?
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    Tac Hel Combat/Survival Vest

    Is my Irish buddy back at 400 now? Tell him Bowers said hello.
  10. Bograt

    Tac Hel Combat/Survival Vest

    Loach, Is this concept to be worn under a LPSV. Do y'all wear that kit in the tac world?
  11. Bograt

    Tory minority in jeopardy as opposition talks coalition. Will there be another election?

    Can someone clarify this for me. If the coalition goes forth, and Dion becomes the PM, he will still step down in May. Then the new liberal leader will step in as Prime Minister. So, in six months, the Liberal Party will determine who is the new Prime Minister? Better still 308 Liberal...
  12. Bograt

    How long did you give it some thought before enlisting?

    I'll start. Probably 25 years. I joined when I was 31.
  13. Bograt

    Afghanistan: Why we should be there (or not), how to conduct the mission (or not) & when to leave

    Pinko, I am not an academic. Please let me offer this crude analogy to help communicate the current situation. Imagine if there was a house fire in your city. When the firefighters received the call, they immediately deliberated and discovered that the home belonged to a convicted pedophile...
  14. Bograt

    Remebrance Day Tributes on Youtube

    There are many touching tributes regarding sacrifice and service on Youtube. Here are a few that I found and shared. Please feel free to do the same. Cheers, Pittance of Time: Terry Kelly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYlrrAWCTRg Soldier Cries- Artist?? Global TV...
  15. Bograt

    Where do you like to Dine in your community?

    There was a place called La Fogatas. http://www.lafogata.com/menu.html One of my favorites in North America. In Halifax, or Eastern Passage- Wharf Wraps.