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    Potential recruit looking for advice

    The recruiter will tell you that you got pre-approved for ACISS, do some research before you say yes to ACISS since its not even going to be a trade soon. Probably by the time you hit basic ACISS wont exist.
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    ACISS Recruits - Where are you?

    You should look into the fact that ACISS is splitting into 3 trades, since you have some IT experience it sounds like you would want to go Sig Tech.
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    Leave Policy – Christmas / Holidays [Merged]

    Why cant you stay in your current accommodation, I get the base is shutting down for the holidays but its not like they will padlock the doors in the shacks. I have heard of pats staying over the holidays at Aldershot. I would just stay and if someone asks, say you dont plan to go home for the...
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    BMQ Regular Force 2005 - 2017 [Merged]

    I found out a few days ago I will be there as well.
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    URINE Questions

    thanks for those, when I did a search here I only got threads where people were asking about doing drugs etc... which I am not worried about. I will still give the local office a call just in case because I dont want any delays.
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    URINE Questions

    Hi, I just did my medical this morning and when I got to work I realised that no urine sample was taken. When I got off work the office was closed so I could not reach anyone to ask. Everywhere I look online/search it says that a urine sample is part of the medical exam so I want to get this...