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    Describing my job as a MARS Officer.

    I think this is a problem on the recruiting level as well. I have found that recruiters have a hard time describing exactly what a MARS officer does. I don't find that I was given a whole lot of information on what a MARS officer does. This might be different at for DEOs and CEOTPs who have to...
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    Neptune's Notes

    I had a copy of Neptune's notes on a word document emailed to me. I believe it was the version from the 90's that venture put together, but I don't recall there being a date on it, only the venture crest. I think I may have deleted it, but it does exist out there.
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    Reserve NAVCOMM BMQ to ROPT MARS ??

    It will make a big difference, I had a similar situation. You will be put on the AS pay scale, which is a lot more than the average NCdt makes. At least this is how it worked out for me.
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    Naval Officers Once Again to Wear the Executive Curl

    Will it be authorized if you are not one of the 268 and you incur the cost yourself?
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    Rudolf Hess

    Rudolf Hess is anything but a hero, the guy was a nazi to the bone like any other, you should do a bit more research and then try acting surprised.
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    Life on a Submarine ?

    I saw that the very first question mentions a pressure test. What exactly does the pressure test entail? I am interested in going sub-surface (a few years down the road from here ), but I have difficulty taking pressure in my ears. I had a lot of opperations when I was younger.
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    Marine electrician

    My father was a Marine electrician before he took his commission, apparently you learn a lot that would help you get a good electrical job in the civi world if you choose to get out later. My dad really liked the trade. I can't tell you much more than that, but good luck with your application.
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    u-boat attacks on canadian soil in WW2

    For anyone in the Ottawa area there is a special exhibit on the U-boat activity in the St.Laurence right next to the Afghanistan exhibit.
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    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    yes thats correct.
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    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Nope not at all. :)
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    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    I don't know if this one has been done yet but lets giv'er a try.
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    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    It's a Grizzly APC by Blackwater USA. I recognized the picture from the CF Facebook group. Here is the link to the manufacturer's web site: http://www.blackwaterusa.com/armored/
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    FINALLY!! No more of this green stuff for me.
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    Marks for Prep Year in St. Jean?

    I was just like you when I first applied, saying that RMC would be the best thing for me, and I wanted to constantly be in a military setting as well. At a civi U you have a lot of free time and you don't have such regimented time table. There are some people at RMC who envy civi U students...
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    I am going tomorrow to get my joining instructions for IAP and figuring out what I am going to do for my EWAT. I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who could tell me what to expect when it comes to EWAT? If I have some choice as to what I will do is there any recommendations as to...