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    "Dunkirk" WW2 movie directed by Chris Nolan coming out in July 2017

    I expect the digital airbrush will take care of that.
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    Vikings in Canada

    That was just the remote sensing method to identify the target for doing the actual field investigation. They still dug the site to get the physical evidence. Mineral exploration works much the same way.
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    Map of submarine cables

    There used to be one on Vancouver Island originally Bamfield http://atlantic-cable.com//CableCos/Bamfield/ and then Port Alberni This Article from 2004 suggests that the station was going to be used again ... but a quick search revealed nothing more on this ...
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    Active or Volunteer Militia Force List Of Canada 1862-64.

    Are you researching or collecting ? If the former I'd suggest checking with the Military History Research Centre at the Canadian War Museum. (Of course you may have already done this ... ) A search of the catalogue shows a 1863, and a combined 1865-1867 volume with no indication of a 1862 or...
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    End of an era - the Boeing 747 is retiring

    Yes, I get it  ::)
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    End of an era - the Boeing 747 is retiring

    Retiring a plane that is still in production ? http://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/air-transport/2015-06-24/boeing-cut-747-8-production-one-month Granted the production rate is slowing but that doesn't equal retirement.
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    British Military Current Events

    I think the more disturbing bit is that the burglary was from a Ministry of Defence flat.
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    CFHA Residential Housing Unit (RHU)-old PMQ [MERGED]

    Isn't/Didn't something similar happening/ed with CFB Rockcliffe/Ottawa North ?
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    " Lost " WWI Battlefield Cemetery CA40 recovery and clearance fundraising campaign

    "Cemetery CA40 was made right after the battle and contained 44 Soldiers of The 16th Canadian Infantry, The Canadian Scottish, killed on Vimy Ridge, April 9th, 1917, including William Milne, VC. it was supposed to have been concentrated into another War Cemetery close-by, but clearly this never...
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    Former Base near Orleans, Ottawa?

    Mer Bleue (~7 km S of Orleans) was used as a bombing range by RCAF during WWII
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    WW1 Canadian soldiers' remains identified

    and the coda on this ; Burial with Military Honours http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/remains-of-8-canadians-killed-in-ww-i-buried-with-military-honours-1.3073519
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    British Elections 2015

    Another interesting site http://may2015.com/category/seat-calculator/
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    Start of the Cold War: The Marshall Plan or Soviets' exploding first atomic bomb

    I'd go further back to immediate post WWI and the allied "interventions" in Siberia and Vladivostok ...  There was a brief discussion on it all right here a few years back ... and found http://army.ca/forums/threads/68575/post-652714.html#msg652714 Edit: for link
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    Article is  about using whisk{e}y waste material ( draff) as the fuel source not whisk{e}y
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    New Second World War "Honorary Distinctions" awarded to CA units (2015)

    Perhaps that it is an honours committee and a honorary distinction says it all.